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Friday, September 05, 2014

confidence or arrogance?

Confidence? Or arrogance?

Sometimes it's easy to confuse the two -- because confident people tend to be solid in themselves, sure of their passions & message, fearless in their conversation or approach to others. To someone who ISN'T overly confident, this kind of approach to life can be misconstrued as arrogant -- but it isn't.

How can you tell the difference? Arrogance usually doesn't have anything behind it other than wishful thinking and a desire to create an image. With arrogance, there's no there there.

With confidence, there's the assuredness and authority of accomplishment, of solid understanding and belief in oneself (and message), and it doesn't have to shout to be heard. People automatically are drawn, & want to listen, to a confident person.

It's also the kind of thing that you can't fake -- we all know when someone really has it, or when they don't.

I like to check in with myself every so often, and see where I'm at with respect to my own attitude, and what I project in the world.

Am I coming off as secure or insecure - ie, confident or arrogant? Do I know what I'm talking about and sharing with others? Am I over-compensating from some inner feeling of NOT knowing what I'm doing? Am I secure in myself? Am I afraid of what 'others will think of me' (kiss of death, lol)?

My best advice, if I have to give any, about how to be confident, is to stay in the heart. If I speak from my heart, if I trust that whatever I'm doing or sharing is authentic and honest from inside, then even if I make some goofy mistake or don't have all the answers in a line at any given moment, I'm genuine in my passion and communication -- and when I'm genuine, I'm confident.

Pretty simple, really.

I'm just sayin'.
- Alx, full of Healing Feeling - Lifechanging Zeal