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Saturday, March 01, 2014

healing our relationship with Mom...

...I've said it before on this blog, almost since day one, that I came to spirituality as a skeptic, initially, and only interested in esoteric stuff if it turned out to have a practical application that could help people in the course of daily life.

one of the things I've become aware of, over years of study in India, is the intensely powerful relationship every child has through the energy of their own mother (biological).  because a mother creates a child in the womb, sharing the blood supply, nourishment, and energetic connection to the consciousness with that child, a mother has the most commanding on her children, both in the womb and in life, no matter how old the child may be.

if a mom prays for her child, for example, it will create the strongest result - more than anyone else's prayers or intentions shared with that individual.  the natural mother is the strongest healer for a child of any age.

conversely, if a mother is upset with her child (we all remember those moments from our extremely young days, right? awful feeling!), that individual child (of any age) will feel the shakiness of that upset, internally, or as it expresses in their life through emotional expression with others, psychological insecurity or symptoms such as anxiety, depression, anger, sadness or the uneasy feeling that 'something isn't quite right.'

if a mom is toxic in behavior or abusive in any way to her kids -- well, the exponential multiplication of these feelings is beyond painful in the extreme. the emotional scarring and PTSD from severe abuse is one major layer that kids growing up in these kinds of conditions carry into adulthood - and I'd offer that underneath this, there is the gaping hole of pain from the shared energetic experience of a toxic mother & her most deeply connected being(s) - her kids.

when people who have a beautiful, understanding, connected relationship with their mothers - there is a sense of tremendous well-being in life. it's a fantastic karma, they would say in the Eastern terminology, to have a peaceful, harmonious relationship with one's mother.

but I routinely encounter many, many people who have had mixed relationships with their own mothers, from extreme abandonment/abuse issues, to estrangement, & emotional pain of all kinds, to a politely strained, just not feeling really connected, relationship (for whatever reason), people to whom the idea of a peaceful relationship with their mom seems as impossible to accomplish as a trip to the moon.

for these folks, there IS hope - you can completely heal the relationship with your mother, as an energetic process, without even having to talk with her (or even if your mom has passed away, and the relationship was left feeling painful).

the following technique is one of the most powerful I learned from the ancient knowledge of India, via my teacher in India, the master healer Sri Kaleshwar, who said: "The mother's love is immortal, forever and ever."

it sounds so simple that it's easy to think maybe such a simple tecnhnique doesn't really work - but I can say with the assurance borne of long experience with my own case and many other people, that if you do the process heartfully and sincerely, you can expect to see a miraculous shift and healing in your relationship with your own mother... and, by extension, in your own life.

but anyway - as with all spiritual things - don't take someone else's word for it.  try it for yourself, and see what happens....

Technique To Heal Your Relationship With Your Mother

- Have a photo of your mother in a special place, like on an altar or in your bedroom.

- You can also choose to visualize your mom - but I found it's more powerful to use the photo, at least for the first few days of this process.

- Once a day, surrender to your relationship with your mother by making a pranam to the photo or mental image of her - literally getting on your knees on the floor and putting your head to the floor, like in the yoga pose called "Child's Pose."

- In that surrendered position, thank your mom for giving birth to you.

- Then, think the following, "I forgive you for everything. And please forgive me for everything that has happened until now (between us)." 

- It doesn't matter whether your mother is still alive, physically, or not.

- Do this process ever day for twenty one days, or longer, until you feel the relief & shift of it. (Some people need to do it for a longer period of time than twenty-one days.)

- See what happens!