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Saturday, July 26, 2008

India in July

I haven't been blogging lately, reliably, because so many astounding events have been occurring in my life and the spiritual lives of the people all around me, and leaving very little time to write about them.

having just returned from a July trip to India, however, I do recognize the need to say a few things about the intensity and spiritual beauty of this experience and am delighted to share it with my faithful readers here.

so, a whole group of us, about 100 altogether, from the SF Bay Area and Los Angeles, and other parts of the USA, all Maheshwari Process initiates (a spiritual process leading to the in-person meeting, or darshan, with the Mother Divine directly), traveled to South India, in July, to celebrate the Guru Purnima time in a powerful spot called Penukonda.

Guru Purnima is a highly auspicious time -- the full moon of the Guru -- when any guru can receive astounding blessings, full spiritual clearances and permissions to give energy and information, to the students. the energy channels to any guru's lineage, or guru parampara, are open at that time and the students of any master who asks for huge blessings are the lucky recipients of this time.

many of the students involved from America had already proved the divine energy channels and sadhana to receive the in-person meeting with the Mother Divine in a divine form. we joined a few hundred OTHER students of this lineage in Penukonda, from Europe, from Japan, and other parts of the US and Canada, who had also had the experience of seeing the Mother Divine in person.

it was a real gathering of modern spiritual masters in the making!

the whole time together in India was a week or so -- but it was really a situation where each day was an eternity.

I hope to write up different aspects of the Guru Purnima week in South India, as it progresses (and I find the time to account for it all!) -- but here is a taste of the high divine miracle day of Guru Purnima itself:

we did a MASSIVE amazing spiritual ceremony -- actually, a few! -- on the Guru Purnima day, including getting up at 4:00 a.m. to bathe the living statue of Shirdi Sai Baba here in the ashram, with sandal paste that all the students had been grinding from sandal wood into sandal paste for days and days and even around the clock on the last day, to get two buckets of it ready for the Guru Purnima day.

it was so beautiful!

we bathed him in milk and rosewater, and the sandal paste.... unbelievable, how high those vibrations are.... when you wash a divine statue, you're really washing your own karmas, your own soul.

on this day, though, it really felt like washing the whole world.

then we had a HUGE fire homa, a fire ceremony, a powerful Mother Divine ceremony called a Chandi yagyam (or fire homa) -- it went on for a few hours, burning and transforming all the negativity into high positive vibrations.

this fire homa was the first one ever hosted in a place on the ashram where Jesus Christ left a powerful object, and his energy is growing and spreading from that place -- so it had a special significance, not only accessing the Divine Mother but also Jesus' blessings and energy.

then that Alahala Lingam -- I think people have seen the video of it on -- if not, it's well worth witnessing!!! -- came out of the ground one last time.

a whole crew was digging all day (it was buried about 9 feet down in the ground) to bring it back out, carefully.

it is millions of years old, manifested by Shiva, God the Father, but given to the Mother (in the ocean) for safe-keeping. inside the lingam itself is a liquid, the alahala, the poison from the previous yugas of karmas performed by humanity.

many divine souls including Jesus Christ have carried that particular Shiva Lingam in their physical presence on the earth (the Buddha had it, too). it is a supreme power object on this planet, really helping accelerate the supernatural healing and the divine awareness and awakenings that are happening in the world and will be continuing to happen, with god's grace.

we all got initiated by that Shiva Lingam, literally touching it -- before it went back into the ground to remain in the earth for a few centuries, activating on the human consciousnesses from there.

it was so powerful everyone was reeling.

when I looked around the cafeteria (we had dinner directly after that initiation and while the lingam was being recovered into the ground again by the digging crew), I could literally -- I'm not exaggerating! -- look at all of the people who were assembled there -- there was so much light around them all it was hard to see straight. like, really, blinded by the light of the collective souls in that cafeteria -- everyone was shining so brightly.

so, I'm awestruck, speechless, grateful, to be in a front-row seat and participating in this divine drama that is spreading out high positive healing and vibrations to the whole world from this radiant power spot, Penukonda.

it has been a massive, world-wide transmission of energy and healing, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the next unfolding steps in this incredible divine journey will be, personally, for me in my life and also for the collective family of high souls who've received this energy and will be carrying it into the world at large and blessing all souls with this divine light.