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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

how to heal heartbreak...

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over the last few months of teaching and healing in America, it just keeps hitting me, that every spiritual person is carrying heartbreak.

it's like our medal, our ph. d., the confirmation that we are in fact indelibly stamped with an understanding about suffering because we've experienced it intimately and deeply.

I wanted to share a technique I've learned that is TREMENDOUS for washing out any kind of heartbreak-related ailment, and opening up doorways for the divine to rekindle/reconnect Itself in our hearts....

I've found that this ritual works better than just about anything else in order to ease the burden of a sensitive & aching heart.

make a circle of candles, and sit in the middle of them. (if you want to burn incense or sage, so much the better.)

make sure you do this alone, ie, no one else in the room for 20 minutes or so, and no phones ringing to disturb you, etc.

it also helps to be in a room without open windows (no drafts, or from AC units, etc.) and NO electric lights on at the time you do this process.

then, sit in the center of the candles, make sure that at least 90% of them STAY lit during the process, and raise your arms at your sides until your upper arms are parallel with the floor, palms facing out, elbows making a right angle -- kinda like the response to 'stick 'em up!' in the movies, when the ganster sticks the weapon between the shoulder blades of someone he wants to rob....

then -- this is the tricky part -- HOLD your arms like that for 15-20 minutes, no matter HOW heavy they may get!!! (and they will start feeling tremendously heavy in short time!) while chanting ANY prayer or mantra you really really really really love, over and over again, either out loud or internally, for 15-20 minutes.

before you start the prayer, think what your deep intention for this process is -- for instance, "right now, heartfully, I want to wash out any pain or suffering I'm carrying in my heart," or "I really want to re-ignite my relationship with god(dess) and would like to use this fire to wash out whatever stands in the way of my feeling the depth of that relationship in my life..." or whatever it is.

it's good to do this process a few times, over the course of a month -- maximum four times, if the situation is dire, but three times, like, maybe once a week or so, should do the trick.

towards more of this discussion, I want to offer a few words my brilliant teacher in India shared with us about the quality of being heart-broken:

"A healer means, first of all, a heartbroken person.  Write it in your dictionary and burn the words into it.  Every spiritual practitioner is carrying sadness in their heart but they don’t know what sadness it is.  Period.  It’s a golden statement.  Plus, some sweetness is there.  It’s sad and it’s sweet.  Every spiritual practitioner around the globe is carrying sadness.  Sorry, that is the law of spirituality.  But in that sadness is luck.  It’s a needle to stitch.  That’s the essence to suck the divinity.  You don’t need to take it in a bad way.  It’s a divine gift to your soul.  Then, you can find the joy in that, the bliss, satchitananda." - Sri Sai Kaleshwara Swami

LA Story

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so I just rolled back into the Santa Cruz mountains, where I live with my lovely husband Jonathan D. Rosen, after a two-week odyssey in Southern California.

we started our journey at Enicinitas, paying a visit to Yogananda's meditation gardens, there, to receive some energy and blessing before launching into the thick of the spiritual work we had to do in Los Angeles.

we had a couple of courses scheduled, and were looking forward to teaching and healing in the Los Angeles area.

the whole trip was miraculous; especially since we're still having our heads spin with astonishment at all things American (got back from India just a few short months ago)... I'll be telling some of the miraculous tales of adventures we had in Southern California as I go along blogging in the next week or so.

but this one first:

we were scheduled to teach an introductory class and give a meditation/healing on Friday night in Pasadena, at a lovely New Age bookstore called Alexandria II.

on our way to Pasadena, we had the impulse that we wanted to stop by Forest Lawn cemetary, in Glendale, to visit the samadhi (tomb) of Paramahansa Yogananda. (for those of you just tuning into this blog, you can search around earlier entries to find out about him.)

so we went to the park -- one of the most beautiful cemetaries imaginable.

stopped at the information booth, asked to find Yogananda's place, and got a map with his exact crypt number marked on it.

we drove, parked, walked in... UNreal.

it is a total supernatural power spot, right there in LA, just dripping with divine grace and Yogananda's kind energy and generous blessings. he is TOTALLY there, and he is totally radiating love in all directions.

we'd heard that some SRF (his organization) people had exhumed his body in the 1970s to see if he had decayed at all, since up until they buried him, several weeks after his death, his body was fresh and intact. of course his body hadn't changed a bit, was 'incorruptible' as the Catholics quaintly phrase it.

we touched the marble part of the wall, just behind it is his body. having learned a few special formulas (mantras) for how to access the energy from a power spot, I started using that formula and pulling the energy into my being. it was hugely powerful.

within a few seconds it was obvious to me that he was completely present, and paying attention to us.

we sat and meditated just in front of the wall where his body is stored -- and were just blown away.

the energy was super-thick and light -- love flowing deeply into my heart. it was so thick it was like an injection of love-drenched molasses into my heart, into my inner being. and it just kept ROLLING in.

he gave us both an incredible blessing, the energy flowing for about 15 minutes so strongly that I couldn't stop weeping.

I'm still digesting that experience.

I'm not sure what I expected, but I wasn't mentally prepared for it to be such a massively powerful flow, there. or that he would be so generous with his blessing.

my guess is that Yogananda took more than what is known as a mahasamadhi, that is, a saint's conscious exit from the body when their work on this planet is finished -- I suspect that Yogananda's death was/is a 'jivan samadhi,' a commmon enough phenomenon among Indian saints; meaning, a 'living death.'

traditionally a saint about to take a jivan samadhi will have their students and well-wishers brick them into a tomb, while the saint is alive, and then the saint will exit their body -- mostly -- while inside, leaving the physical form there as a power object, radiating blessings and spiritual upliftment for the planet.

it's also something that would freak most Americans out, seeing a saint do such a thing.

Yogananda died in March of 1952, at a formal banquet for the then Indian ambassador to America, in the company of some few hundred people, including many of his top students. he recited a poem he'd written called "My India" and then, on the last syllable, took off and left his body.

that his body never decayed and that they made such a big point of that, even including the coroner's report from LA County at the end of Autobiography of a Yogi, corroborating that the body NEVER, not in two weeks, showed any signs of decay, leads me to believe it was a jivan samadhi.

my own experience at his actual samadhi (tomb) site only confirms this idea, to me.

it was, all in all, a beautiful day, and I was aware throughout the entire weekend of his blessings pouring down on me and my husband as we taught and healed people.