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Sunday, March 30, 2008

a conversation in miracles

Jesus in Penukonda
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Q: I have heard the message that healing and special miracles bring hope and inspiration to people, although, as I would see it, not necessarily truth.

A: it's a good point.
of course miracles DO create hope and inspiration in people.

but I think those who hold this point of view only are missing the mechanism of the miracles. the creation of hope and inspiration is really secondary to the real impact/effect of seeing a miracle (on the scale we're discussing, like raising the dead, changing one thing to another, manifesting stuff, etc.) -- the real impact of witnessing a supernatural miracle is that the soul of the person seeing it starts to remember its own divine, miraculous capacity.

you can call it like a jump-start to the soul. a miracle of the scale we're talking about (like raising the dead, turning water to wine, etc.) breaks the mind, for even a few seconds.

the first time I saw something manifested out of nothing -- which I really didn't expect to see in this lifetime, I thought this stuff happened to 'other people' -- it was a handful of ash pouring out of the palm/fingers of an Indian healing saint. my mind was thunderstruck! for a split second, I thought it was a trick, you know, like the ash was up his sleeve or something.

in the next second, once that impulse faded and something deeper inside me grasped the fragrance of the creation energy that was unfolding like a microcosm of the whole creation process -- something was formed from thin air, and then dropped, a whole pile of ash, in the upturned palm of my hand..... my mind just dissolved on the spot and what remained was an inexplicable bliss.

that kind of miracle -- from one angle -- is a spark that re-ignites the (mostly forgotten) flame of the human soul.

so, from that perspective and experience -- which I've been blessed to have on many, many occasions over the last 10 years -- the miracle energy actually DOES point to the truth, or rather, it imparts a fragment of the soul's own truth (its inner divinity and creation capacity) back to the person who witnesses an outrageous miracle.

after that opening, it's up to the person who witnessed such a thing to develop that jump-start. to fan the flames, as it were. otherwise, it was a powerful invitation to see the inner truth, but the mind's doors will snap shut after a while and the remembrance of the soul will fade, again, into the fog of forgetfulness that is the human condition.

we forgot where we came from, what we really are.
the miracle allows -- for a split second or a few minutes -- a glimpse back into that truth. for a moment, it's abundantly clear where we came from, what we really are.

that is profound.

Q: You've suggested that there is a certain knowledge that makes understanding and performing miracles possible for everyone. That goes quite a large step beyond just admitting that "miracles" are possible.

A: yes, it's an outrageous claim, isn't it!?????????!!

but it's also true.

there are exact formulas, exact knowledge, divine knowledge, about how to perform miracles (which really means, understanding the creation energy, the divine energy and how it differentiates itself into souls, forms, beings).

the ancient saints -- from thousands of years ago -- wrote these formulas down. mostly they've been kept secret for millenniae, out of the hands of people who might mis-use the information, which came directly from the angels, the agents of the divine who shared such knowledge with certain human beings.

every great saint that we can name, from any tradition, knew these exact perfect formulas for how to access the god energy that is flowing in the Five Elements of creation (the earth, fire, sky, water and air), in nature, in the sun and the moon, in the human souls, and in the angels.

they knew, step by step, how to communicate in person (I mean, not in visions, but eyes open) with god the Father and god the Mother Divine.

these things aren't just a product of faith -- ie, if I have enough faith, a dead body will come back to life.

they're not just a product of love -- even though universal love is a key component in applying the miracle energy (without the love, how could one possibly bend the creation?) -- if someone comes to me dying of a heart attack, is my love alone really enough to heal them on the spot?


I need a vehicle through which to IMPLEMENT the divine love that is always flowing, always accessible -- I need to know the mechanisms of how Love itself becomes a soul, becomes a healthy body rather than an ailing one, becomes water rather than dirt, breath rather than blood.

from my own side, this is what I spent so many years, researching on, in India -- witnessing many miracles (including the ones listed above, like the ones Jesus performed during his lifetime), and doing the hard work to learn the formulas that underlie the miracle energy and how it operates in this creation.

by hard work, btw, I meant, the totality of going through the process of learning these formulas -- because in learning them, the self gets pulverized, the belief systems (everything I thought I knew about myself, god, my life, personality, etc.) have to crash and shatter, the soul has to grow, the egoism has to take a back seat on the bus. and that is NOT easy.

it doesn't come naturally -- it's work.

it's also thrilling.

it's evidence how tricky and painful these times are, on the planet, that this information is becoming available now to humanity at large.

what I know is that every soul is eligible to receive that information, and implement those miracles in the world. (but they have to be willing to do that hard work.)

we really need this kind of healing, the information about the miracles, and what they really do in this world.

this is what Jesus represented, demonstrated, stood for, embodied -- humanity's chance to get the same information he learned and practiced, in order to uplift all humanity.