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Friday, January 05, 2007

hectic December

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is it 2007 yet?


my head is still spinning from December. Sri Kaleshwar came to California, both southern and northern, leading beautiful retreats and giving incredible talks, full of inspiration and knowledge, divine energy and healing.

the Santa Cruz group -- the satsang community that's been growing steadily in strength and dedication over the last few years, here in our local area -- managed to travel together to Joshua Tree and attend the superb and mind-shattering retreat that Sri Kaleshwar conducted there.

it was a hoot -- all of us on the flight together -- we wanted to turn it into a kirtan flight but assumed most of the other passengers wouldn't appreciate it, especially the unhappier-looking ones!

and then piling into rental vans, about 3 times smaller than anticipated, esp in view of us all hauling our huge baggage (chocked full of sweaters and long underwear, since the word was that nights at Joshua Tree this time of year are really cold).... we were practically sitting in one another's laps in a fashion that was strangely reminiscent of traveling in India.

I kept joking we were going to send a clown car to Joshua Tree, you know, one of those tiny little Nova-like vehicles, and out of it pour an endless stream of clowns.......... that joke kinda came true as we packed 6 people into a tiny van loaded with baggage.

plus we had 4 of the 5 Mystic Jamms Band members in our van, and we hauled some instruments along for the ride, too!

think 'Ma & Pa Kettle Make A Spiritual Pilgrimage' coupled with a clown car and a LOT of instruments and lotus-seed malas...........

and you've got a fairly accurate vision of this wild troupe on its way to Joshua Tree.

just after Joshua Tree (plenty of spiritual energy, short on sleep), we all spun around, flew BACK to the Santa Cruz area, and set up to welcome Swami Kaleshwar for his first official public visit to Santa Cruz the next day.


my mind is still reeling with the incredible blessing and experience of helping to organize the two days with Sri Kaleshwar in our own backyard.

our group -- amazing, stalwart souls, every one! -- did the most amazing hard work to get him here to Santa Cruz and I can say heartfully that the groupism here paid off.

he gave an incredible download of spiritual energy and knowledge to Santa Cruz -- there are a lot of lucky people in this area who've hit the spiritual jackpot, whether they realize it consciously or not.

in the blink of an eye, his visit ended, Christmas came and went, the New Year rolled in.... and we're all still recovering from the whirlwind that is Kaleshwar.

and now, January.

(rubbing my eyes in disbelief.)

Happy New Year, everyone!!