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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

music as medicine...

A&J bhajans
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a full moon concert healing experience in Santa Cruz on the 19th August...!


unexpectedly, Jonathan & I somehow magically teamed up with some incredible Santa Cruz bhajan performers and created a brave little band called The Mystic JAMMS Band (Jonathan Alx Martin Maya Sage)... and are launching our 'healing through music' movement on the up-coming full moon.

it's exciting, especially working with these other wonderful players/singers, and inspiring to think that we'll be bringing high healing energy to people through music.

though we sang every night in the main temple, during our years in India, somehow it didn't cross my mind that music would play such a part in our sharing the shakti and energy from India, here in America.

you can see the full information and flyer about this event at our home page,

we're really hoping that people with serious health problems, or emotional issues like depression or broken-heartedness, will come to this concert and find some real relief.

because music is such a universal language, it opens the heart easily and that openess and ease in the heart/soul creates an optimum condition where profound healing can occur.

or, as Henry Miller called it: "Music... the can-opener of the soul."

it's going to be a really special evening, and we're looking forward to seeing familiar faces and new ones alike in the audience at Body & Soul Yoga Studio that night.....!

let the healing begin!