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Monday, November 17, 2008

new temple in Santa Cruz

yikes, it's been months since I've posted any blog entries here.

(so sorry!)

mostly it's due to two factors -- the first being that flickr, the photo-sharing service I use to post images to this blog from on the net, has joined up with yahoo and now I can't access my flickr account until I sort out what yahoo password I have... and it's a big mess. I like to post with photos, rather than just text, so I've avoided trying to untangle the yahoo/flikr labyrinth and the net result is that I haven't been blogging at all.

please forgive!

the second factor is the packing and moving and unpacking and setting up a new temple, a real teaching and healing and meditation center -- at long last! -- in the Santa Cruz mountains.

my mate Jonathan and I started an organization called The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen more than a year ago, and have been looking for a facility to create a retreat center in since 2006. because of vaastu constraints (we can't occupy a place that has anything less than stellar vaastu, or Indian feng shui), we've looked at about a hundred different places in our local area... and all of them were rejected.

anyway, after years of looking, we've found a beautiful place and moved just a couple of weeks ago, from an 800-square foot cottage in the redwoods to a giant temple (well, it sure seems giant to us!) on 1.6 acres of a mountain-top (still with redwoods) in a beautiful town on a beautiful mountain called Bonny Doon.

photos of the move, the new place, and the first few classes can be found here on my friend Carmen's flickr site....