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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

taking spiritual healing to the boulevard - by internet radio!

I always used to say that I really wasn't interested in spirituality per se - & definitely not in the concept of 'enlightenment,' whatever that was supposed to be - unless it's practical. if it's not something that will help people have an easier experience in living, then, you know, what's the point?

well, as my luck would have it, the spiritual path I wound up pursuing was indeed a practical one - the path of healing. the unbelievably rigorous training I underwent for many years in India, under the expert guidance of my beloved master teacher & friend, Sri Kaleshwar, was really like a Ph.D. course in spirituality - & in learning, from myriad angles, how to heal the suffering, the heartbreak, that people are facing in this world.

over the last few months, it's been a privilege and honor to share a few practical pieces of the encyclopedic healing knowledge from ancient India that was my joy to study, learn, digest, implement, and teach to others - not in a classroom or a temple setting, a yoga studio or other sacred space in the world... but via internet radio.

a couple of extremely dear, divine women who are powerful forces & healing presences in their own right invited me onto their shows to talk about a variety of subjects, ranging from the Divine Feminine, to Decharging Stress and How To Heal Heartbreak.  (The hosts, respectively, are Patricia Calderon, and Lynnis Woods-Mulins - they're just plain awesome.)

both shows are female-centric in focus - a wonderful arena for me, as I love helping to empower women! - but the content transcends gender & is useful to anyone.

the best part, for me, lies in being able to share practical techniques that anyone can use, whether they come from any particular religious/spiritual tradition or none at all, to improve their life almost immediately.

I thought I'd post the links here, to these three shows (and some of the host's commentary about them, also) so that you can enjoy them, too.

listen at your leisure - maybe even more than once! (it often occurs that spiritual knowledge like this goes in one ear and out the other - it's elusive in its divine, quasi-supernatural quality.  when we're talking about body-mind-heart-soul mechanisms, it's easy to forget the techniques... they just quietly slip away into the fog of memory, down the rabbit hole in our consciousness.)

as always, with any technique or tool, or new way of perceiving our world, the proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes - maybe you believe what I'm saying, maybe you don't.

my advice: try the techniques, and see what happens!  then you'll really know something, inside, that might surprise you... and bring a good deal of peace, comfort, healing and joy to your life.


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