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Thursday, July 16, 2009

super-stars who stop shining.... unnecessarily

I keep thinking about the death of Michael Jackson, and the painful circumstances leading up to it (drug abuse, health issues, etc.) -- and the thing that stands out the most for me is the avoidable tragedy of his suffering and death.

after 10 years of teaching effective de-charging techniques to people all over the world, I'm stunned that so few stage performers, in any discipline from drama to dance to music, at any level, amateur or international star, have access to this information or any understanding of it.

anyone who performs in front of audiences is picking up the collective energy of that audience -- I think most performers are somewhat, at least, aware of this phenomenon and the feeling of electricity, of a kind of a buzz, it creates in their systems.

what most performers miss, though, is how much of an intense overload to the human energy system this collective energy response is.

I've talked to musicians over and over again about how they feel after a show -- the 'high' feeling that accompanies post-performance time -- and they mostly say they enjoy the high feeling (even though they often can't sleep for hours afterwards, and/or run straight to the bars for a stiff drink or two in a vain attempt to balance that energy overload that is running amok in their system).

they don't seem to get the simple idea that this energy 'high' is an indicator that an energy overload is there.

that, over time, that energy overload -- composed of all the stresses people are releasing as they relax and enjoy the show, their thoughts and admiration but also their jealousy, projection, desire, and whatever else people are experiencing when being entertained by a live performer -- builds up and starts to cause problems, health, emotional, psychological, addiction, etc., in the human system.

there isn't a performer in the world who can withstand that kind of constant barrage of energy from large audiences without taking some kind of hit from it, over time. maybe their marriages dissolve, maybe some illness shows up, or a mental condition like anxiety or depression, or maybe, like in the case of Michael Jackson, they simply can't sleep.

having been a performer myself, and experienced the symptoms of that post-performance 'high', I can say with surety it's a problem over the long-term.

that post-performance hyper-ness is a clear indication that one needs to decharge that energy, to have an effective means to release that energy back into nature, and not to have to be burdened by it -- or, worse, metabolize it so that it becomes an integrated part of a person's on-going system.

(then it takes a lot more than mere decharging to again help that stuff dissolve.)

the real tragedy of Michael Jackson's troubled life and death, to me, is that those unfortunate circumstances were, over decades of build-up, completely avoidable.