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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


so, it's been more than a year since I've posted anything to this blog -- a year of seismic shifts in my life, coupled with hard work, amazing healings & transformations, & divine experiences.

the UCBK temple in the Santa Cruz mountains is flourishing, with many healers being trained beautifully through the Sai knowledge coming out of India, expanding our reach into the local community -- not only through the successful Free Lunch Friday program we've been running through a local Catholic church for the last two years, but also through providing free healings for veterans, working in conjunction with the Unity Templeof Santa Cruz to perform music and share high healing blessings with the community there. it's truly an honor to serve and help out, however we can, from UCBK.

of course our regular schedule of teaching classes and workshops, offering healing sessions, kirtan concerts, and fire homas every full moon and new moon also continues.

all of these works were given a huge boost by a Sri Kaleshwar whirlwind visit to UCBK in April -- he stayed to give a beautiful talk to two student groups here, do an unbelievably powerful fire homa, and interact with the living Shirdi Sai Baba murthi.... and then, poof, he was gone to Northern CA to give a huge program to hundreds of students.

jai guru Datta!

... and so, I'm back, feeling revived, like posting more regularly to my little blog here on the net, and wanting to create more items that uplift, inspire, entertain and make people think more deeply, more spiritually, more lovingly, in this world.