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Thursday, January 01, 2015

2015 - a year of miracles?

First, I'd like to extend a happy New Year and extreme blessings to all who're reading this... may your lives be peaceful, uplifted, inspired and transformed during this 2015! 

I'm reflecting on the numerological significance of the number 8 - as 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 comes to an 8 (the preceding year, 2014, was a 7 - a year of tough love, rough patches, and reality checks for many people).  The number 8 is a powerful, magical number - most especially because of its relationship to the miraculous energies, the supernatural transformations, that are possible through the siddhis. 

According to the Vedic tradition, Mother Divine, often depicted as a warrior-goddess, with 8 arms and each arm carrying a weapon, is the keeper of the siddhis, or categories of supernatural abilities - the short-cuts to transform extreme negativity into extreme positivity instantly, assuming the one wielding them is wise enough, mature enough, selfless enough and clear enough to use such tools in this weary world.   

Used properly, the siddhic weapons are the antidote to the 'slings and arrows of outrageous fortune' that Shakespeare's Hamlet so poignantly alludes to in his famous monologue. 

If the slings and arrows are the normal obstacles and challenges, the disasters, losses, negative blows, karmic pains in this life -- the siddhic weapons of the Mother are precisely the tools through which a soul can break through the illusion of the attachments and suffering in those attachments, in this world... to glimpse and slowly begin to inhabit the Reality - the real sat-chit-ananda (bliss, consciousness awake in itself) that lies just behind the stage show of life and death, loss and gain, health and illness, wealth and poverty, in this world.

So eight is really the number of the miraculous abilities -- the magical 'weapons' available in our consciousness and experience. The easiest way to the Mother, to access Her creation ability and deep inner consciousness, is through those eight categories of powerful ability. Especially in terms of how we accept the challenges and difficulties, the illusions of same, and transform those challenges into real bliss, nectar, inner evolution and knowingness. 

All this to say that 2015 is, potentially, a year for a great deal of magic, of detachment, of a cutting away of the lesser things while the support for the deep, true, 'real' essence of life will be paramount in many lives, and visible on our world's stage of events, politics, change and evolution.

I hope that your year will truly reflect magic, miracles, and beauty at every turn, as we walk our way through this 2015.... let's see what happens! 

Secondly, and related...  I'd like to share one of the most beautiful, profound, and sacred New Year's I ever spent... A Facebook friend was asking folks to recount their best New Year's stories, a few days ago.

While considering the question, I instantly flashed back on a New Year's at UCBK in Santa Cruz, when we hosted a meditation retreat and the superb pianist Jay Oliver performed, as an integral part of the New Year's Eve gathering... his piano improvisations were truly the sound of the universe, pouring through, and everyone was still, meditative, and peaceful...

Just around midnight, we started to sing the "Om" and went through midnight like that, blessing the year and the world and the time together, while Jay played along with the prayer. It was - hauntingly beautiful, even at the time. In retrospect, it's even more so.

And here is a video of Jay -- improvising -- for some flavor of what that was like. For all of those who were there -- enjoy. For all of you who weren't there -- enjoy!

May your New Year be fully and thoroughly blessed, and may your best and wildest dreams come true.