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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

green light, red light

Who stops at a green light?

I was driving in Beverly Hills today, and got stuck behind a car who was literally stopped at an intersection, despite the green traffic light, clear lane ahead, and flow of traffic in the other two lanes.


As I moved around the confused car in an irritated sense of wonder, I got to thinking: "What kind of a person stops at a green light?"

And in a flash, I realized what a metaphor for limited belief systems this incident was.

The truth is, all of us get stopped, from time to time, even when the light is bright green and everything around us indicates that it's time to move forward.

How many times have you blocked yourself from moving, THINKING that you couldn't go ahead? How many times has paying too much attention to the emotional voices of inner belief systems held you back?

How many times have I put the brakes, literally, on myself, for whatever unnecessary reason: out of fear, unworthiness, indecision, lack of self-confidence, catering to whatever excuses or 'reasons' come to mind?

The truth is, the light is always green - whether we see it that way or not.
The only red lights are inside.
It's up to us to keep moving.

I'm just sayin'.

- Alx, full of Healing Feeling - Lifechanging Zeal