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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Alx at fire

Alx at fire
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the great saints love to use the fire element to do their work & healing.

Shirdi Baba was an expert with the fire. my teacher Kaleshwara is often found, especially late at night, sitting in front of his dhuni, or firepit. a lot of times they'll set up a cot for him, outside under the stars, near that pit, and he'll sleep out there, all night, next to his fire.

I used to watch the priests in Penukonda, the village where the ashram is located, in the temple there, doing homa (fire ceremony) after homa. I thought it'd be great fun to be a pujari, but since women in India aren't usually pujaris, it never crossed my mind I would ever actually DO such a thing.

in America, however, I'm finding that being a pujari, or maybe the feminine, 'pujarini' is awesome fun.

this is early on in the homa, when the fire is just beginning to get underway.


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