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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

the Christ

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something that really didn't hit me, didn't permeate my consciousness, until this last week in Los Angeles -- that the Christ is a term for an energy in creation, the impulse of creation, that is infinite and immortal and has always been and will ever be.

Jesus, a sainted soul born in the Middle East, attained the Christ state through his hard work and pure open heart -- attained it more thoroughly than any other divine soul in history, which is why he's the number one healer who ever walked this earth.

hence he was called Jesus the Christ.

but the Christ state is always possible to connect with and, at the higher levels in spirituality, merge with and operate from, or become it, while still in a human form.

I'd been reading different enlightened masters talking on this same concept for years and years and years and breaking my head over it, all along. somehow I just couldn't wrap my -- mind? consciousness? shoestrings? SOMETHING! -- around the idea.

it finally clicked into place this week, and opened up a whole new level in my understanding and inquiry.


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