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Thursday, June 02, 2005

"what kind of healing do you DO, anyway?"

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people have been asking, "what kind of healing do you DO, really?" and it's a tough question to answer because on the one hand the response is simple, and on the other, it's a little complex.

being a vehicle for divine energy means just that -- nobody ever heals, actually, another person -- it's always the divine doing its work through the appointed (or accidental) healer. this is true whether it's a physician, dentist, acupuncturist, massage therapist, spiritual healer, whatever.

being a spiritual healer means knowing how to tap into the divine energy that's always available, all the time, and having different angles (or channels or flavors) to access and use, depending on the need.

some of the many tools at my disposal:

* the Five Elements (earth water fire air sky), any of them individually, or all of them together to treat particular conditions.

* the Sri Chakra yantra, the home of the Mother Divine, for healing in person or for healing someone at a distance.

* mantras that evoke a particular kind of healing for a specific condition, cancer, for example.

* yantras (sacred energy diagrams) that evoke a particular healing, that people can put in their homes to keep affecting them and lifting their health or smoothing out conflict.

* hands-on healing, like the Sai Shakti channels (similar to Reiki but more powerful).

* distance healing -- even for people I've never met. as long as I know their name and/or have a photograph, it's enough.

• vaastu consulting -- looking carefully at peoples' homes, and the relationships in their home shape, property shape, and room/furniture placement, and helping them change where necessary to promote good health, prosperity and happiness in relationships. vaastu has to do with the relationship of the five elements in the four directions. 80% of the people who come for healing have vaastu problems, and it's evident within the first ten minutes of talking with them what those problems are. ( for more information on this profound and helpful subject)

* homas (fire ceremonies) to accelerate spiritual healing and manifestation of whatever people want to create in their lives. the fire element is the most transforming of all the elements, and it amplifies healing or manifestation for people. sitting in a homa fire (which takes about an hour and a half) is the equivalent of meditating intensely, like 8 hours a day or more, for a month or two.

* giving out processes people can do themselves -- like learning how to decharge negativity, stress and strain after a hard day or a difficult conversation or experience, or healing heartbreak through using a fire process, which I explained in an earlier entry.

* teaching people how to heal themselves and others -- through learning meditation practices and systems of charging these same tools in themselves, so they can turn around and heal other people.

* meditation healing -- lifting peoples' lives and illness conditions, enlivening their souls, and removing negativity, just by meditating together.

there're tons more of access-points into healing, but these are at least a few of the ways and modes through which I've been doing healings....


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