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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

under construction

under construction
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yup, this photo is of Jonathan and me in India, in about 2001, I'm guessing, because of the scaffolding behind us which ran the entire length of the apartment building where we live(d).

he had to shave his head at one point for an energy process; I thought it would be funny to make my braid his moustache.

anyway, now that we're back in America, we can be found under construction in a different way -- as teachers and healers conducting workshops and healings, consultations (yes, we make house calls!) and homas. and more.

our new website, kindly kludged together by students, is:

we've got updates on our courses and up-coming events, in LA and Santa Cruz and, soon, Portland.

keep checking the site -- you never know when we'll be coming to a town near you!


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