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Sunday, September 04, 2005

homa for hurricane relief

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yesterday, Saturday the 3rd of September, we did what any American sadhus could do for the people of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, hard hit by the storm and flooding in the wake of the hurricane:

we did a homa, a healing fire ceremony, blessing all their souls -- of both the living and those who've died as a result of this tragedy.

earlier in the day, Jonathan and I had eagerly contacted our local Red Cross office to see about donating blood. we may not have excess funds at our disposal, to give, we reasoned, but of course we have our own lifeblood and they're in sore need of it.

it seemed like a perfect fit.

alas, it turns out that if you've been outside the US within the last year, they won't let you donate blood. we returned from India in March '05, so we can't give our blood.

well, okay.

we'd already scheduled a homa and knew people would be coming ready to give a donation for the healing energy and effort of the homa fire...

so we decided to give all the donations for the homa to the American Red Cross.

we raised $207 -- about three times what we normally receive for a homa -- and proudly made our credit card donation today on behalf of the Boulder Creekers and Santa Cruzans who came out for the fire yesterday.

it's a drop in the ocean of this calamity, of course.

but we all do what we can, where we can, to the extent we can, no matter where we are.

hopefully we'll be able to give more as time goes on.

the people of the Gulf Coast of America are in our prayers and blessings, our meditations and our hearts today.

my sincere hope is that Americans and people all over the world, in response to this and the other epic tragedies that are rocking the world so often these days, will keep praying to see beyond the veil of illusion; beyond the suffering and the life and the death, to the Reality beyond.

I am praying that these wake-up calls don't go unanswered.

the cosmic phone is ringing: are we going to pick it up and listen?


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