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Thursday, June 16, 2005

de-charging stress, strain, negativity...

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decharging is one simple technique I picked up in India from my master teacher, and is the often over-looked side of meditation.

(I used to wonder why most meditators were fairly cranky, often irritable people. same with yogis, ie, Hatha guys and Iyengar yoga practitioners. I thought they were supposed to be calm and balanced, ha, ha!!!!)

in meditation, we CHARGE the soul -- which starts purification running in us. once the purification is running, it means, whatever blocks and crap we have in our astral and causal bodies (storehouses of karma) gets shaken loose and unless we decharge it, we act out of it and get stuck with it and digest it all over again!

for healers, the situation is even more dire. many healers believe (because their tradition states it) that they DON'T need any form of 'decharging' or 'grounding' -- after they've spent a day working for hours on peoples' bodies, hearts (like psychotherapists, for example) or souls (like energy healers).

this is why most healers get sick after a few years of doing really inspired, charged, wonderful healings -- they're taking on the stress and strains, the illnesses, and fatigues and worries and karmas of the people they're healing. whether they notice it or not. it's like the principle of fire -- whether you 'believe' fire will burn you if you stick your hand in it, or you don't believe it will burn, guess what? if you stick your hand in a roaring blaze, you'll get burned. it's the nature of fire.

same with healings. whether we believe as healers that we're taking on stuff or not, we are. (I was a Reiki healer and master for many years, and didn't think I was susceptible to all the energies I was receiving and processing for other people. nonsense.)

not only formal healers per se, but many people in responsible positions at work (ie, being a shoulder to cry on for colleagues or the person everyone unloads on) burn out really fast because they're absorbing all the negativity and stress of the people around them. not only their OWN stress, which as you know is more than enough, but everyone else's, too.

de-charging is so so so simple, I can give you one great technique, try it and see if it works, if it appeals to you.

every time you take a shower or a bath, when the water's running on you in particular, think consciously, with intent, "right now, I'm decharging ANY stress, strain, pain, negativity, whatever I picked up today, with or without my awareness, into this beautiful water. thank you, (god or universe or whatever divine name you like), for creating the water element."

stay there for ten, fifteen, twenty minutes, with the intention of using the water element to decharge all that stuff. see how you feel. my guess is you'll feel it all draining out of you, and you'll feel a lot lighter after the shower.

it's a simple but powerful technique.

you can do the same thing, holding a handful of roses or any cut flower -- just thanking the EARTH element, not the water. if you hold them in your hands for about fifteen minutes, you'll feel the stress pour into the flowers.

afterwards, make sure to toss them into some bushes, back into nature where they won't be picked up by someone else -- or in the garbage (but better in nature).

and where you work -- keep cut flowers, like in a vase or a bowl of water, on your desk. you'll be amazed how rapidly they wilt if the atmosphere is super-stressful.

flowers absorb negative energy from the surrounding environment -- it's one of their functions in this creation. they're happy to do it, by the way -- no need to feel guilty!

hope these simple techniques help....!


  • At 5:11 PM, Blogger isabeau said…

    hi alx --

    found the link to this blog from the

    thanks for this info, important not only for me, but several of my patients (some of whom are health care professionals).

    best wishes,

  • At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I'd like to say first and foremost thank you for sharing this technique. I've often suspected all my irritations and general depression was coming from all around. I've tried to release it all through Tai-Chi but i've yet to attempt it vigorously. I will look to your technique and i believe it will work wonders

  • At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Just when you need it, you find it, thanks for the info on your site - greatly appreciated.

    in love and light

  • At 3:26 PM, Anonymous Leila said…

    poor flowers...


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