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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

duality or non-duality? (to be -- or not to be....)

jagadambe (yog's)
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that IS the question du jour! & people DO like to ask the question -- do you follow dualism (god in form/s) or non-dualism (god without form)?

I'm squarely in the middle of this (non-existent!) road.

hey, it's both! (it's a wave, nope, it's a particle! it's a particle, nope, it's a wave.........!)

this path I'm on is simultaneously dualistic (ie, to see and respect the dual opposites in the world, recognizing that they are part of the operating components of this creation, like life/death, good/evil, night/day, male/female, etc.) and not dualistic in the least (ie, inhabiting what lies BEYOND the pairs of opposites -- eternal, timeless, blissful, silent and unmanifest consciousness).

I think the challenge for me is doing spiritual practices that incorporate the dualities IN the manifest creation, but not getting caught up in the practices per se.

I mean, using them only as stepping stones, intelligently & deliberately, to transcend the duality and inhabit/embody the silent, eternal consciousness-awake-in-Itself quality of the divine.

it's a deep game.

in the Indian tradition, Shakti (or the Divine Mother, in various forms) is that energy of creation, of manifesting, of spinning off worlds within worlds within worlds.

She is the agent of the creation aspect of the divine, She is the motion in the silence, the pinch in the absolute formlessness that causes it to start creating (and separating Itself into) forms.

Shiva (or the Divine Father) is the silence, the sat-chit-ananda, the absolute unbounded awareness, consciousness, the pure potentiality of everything. the eternal.

how to access one to access the other? how to play with Nature in order to go BEYOND the limits of Nature? how to bend Nature (ie, create miracles in Her field of illusion) in order to transcend Her? how to balance both Shiva & Shakti? how to draw on them both to create manifestations of healing & blessing in this world?



  • At 5:09 AM, Blogger Truth Seeker said…

    The Supreme One (known as Aum, Waheguru, Khuda, God, other infinite names) is Nirankar (formless) but still has a form that is different from anything in this world. He shows this only to His dear ones...



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