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Sunday, September 04, 2005

just two weeks before the storm, the silence

August 23rd was a little interesting; my mate & I cruised up the hill here in Santa Cruz, and met the silent saint Baba Hari Dass -- an Indian divine soul in his 80s who's been presiding over this area, building incredible spiritual centers and strong community, for more than 30 years. ( )

he's been in silence for about 50 years, although he writes eloquently & simply on a whiteboard he carries with him.

it was a lovely and sweet meeting -- we asked him to bless our work here in this area, and he was happy to do so. he spanked us on our very bad Sanskrit pronunciation... *grinning* ...and it seemed that we made him laugh quite a lot both inside & out.

he's a Hanuman character, simple and powerful, motivated by love and service -- and he models incredible unconditional love. very spry at 80-something, he still works up at Mount Madonna, his spiritual retreat center, almost daily, carrying stuff around and initiating new building projects, etc.

we both felt quite honored to have the chance to spend some time with such a beautiful soul.

I came away inspired to keep more of a lid on my volatile temperament than I usually do -- perhaps he blessed us with some ahimsa...

he asked a lot of questions about the healing work we do, and how we do it, and even where we do our work. he wrote his stock statement on the board -- 'heal the world' -- as a response to our answers.


at one point I thought I saw my own master's grin peeking through his face -- that was a little unsettling & at the same time, delicious.

we got the chance to ask him some questions about the five elements & other principles. (mostly he avoided direct questions & busted us on our bad Sanskrit!)

at one point he pointed inquiringly to Jonathan's bracelet, a copper bracelet with 'om namah shivaya' written in Sanskrit on it, and when Jonathan replied, "it's copper -- to keep the earth element's disturbed vibrations from hitting... the earth is very disturbed, right now, isn't it?"

he wrote: "disturbance is a law of Nature."

now, watching the reports of the American Gulf Coast under water and under siege from Nature... of course I can't help thinking that he knew what was coming.

it's a profound and powerful spiritual statement:



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