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Friday, September 02, 2016

walking with the angels

I've been thinking a lot, lately, about experiences of angels -- how people experience them, in different ways and forms, or wish they did. it's also true that in more ancient times, many more human beings were in direct contact with angels than we are now -- hearts were more open and pure, and the 'unseen' realms were more easily accessible.

what I've come to learn, from the ancient knowledge of spiritual India, is that the technology of angels -- how they're created, what forms they appear in, and when, how people connect with angels, how healing takes place through the auspices of the angels (and the divine souls who created many of them in this world, like a Jesus or Buddha, etc) -- is vast. it really is an ocean of knowledge; enough to consume one's whole life in that one direction of spiritual understanding and experience.

of course, the angels are all around us, all the time - whether we see them with the naked eyes or not. of course they can come in any form -- in a subtle, energy form, as a glowing orb, or a whirlwind, a disembodied voice, a strong floral scent, as an animal, a person.... sometimes our challenge, as human beings, is simpy to be alert in those moments, and stay open hearted, to recognize what is happening, or that it is in fact an angel giving a message.

toward that end, I'd like to share a beautiful technique I learned in India, many years ago.

The Four Questions In Nature - Meditation Technique

the great Indian saint Ramana Maharishi used to ask four big questions, deeply, and encouraged his students to contemplate them as a way to go deeper into themselves, their awareness, and the inner consciousness.

those four questions are:

- Who am I, really? 

- What is my purpose in this lifetime? 

- Where was I before I was born? 

- Where will I go when I die? 

if you'd like to connect to your deeper self, in a more direct and enlivened way, then try going into nature, meditating deeply.... and when you have gotten into a silent, still place inside, start gently asking these four questions.

the angels are automatically attracted! and they will come around you while you do this process.  inside, the answers will start to flow to you, directly from Nature itself -- through the angels.

so two things are happening in this process -- the first is that you're going deeper into your own relationship with your inner consciousness, by asking these powerful questions in the deep silence.  they are the questions that lead to self-realization, to the enlightened wake-up of a soul.

the second thing is that on the way into this inquiry, and an integral part of how the answers start to flow to you, is that you're developing your relationship with the angelic forces in nature. (this is beautiful!)

like any meditation practice, this is a process -- don't expect that the whole picture will be revealed to you in one sitting.  it takes time, dedication, persistence, and regular meditations  - always going deeper, always staying open, always asking, humbly, those questions - to receive the response, and awareness, deep inside yourself.

(and yes, it is entirely worth it...!)


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