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Sunday, August 21, 2016

but.... I love everybody!!!!

why is it that many people assume if you're working on behalf of one peoples' cause, you must automatically be AGAINST another?

 this has been a stunning day in black-and-white thinking for me.I tend to live in the grey zone and love everyone, so this polar opposite business of 'you must be against X if you're for Y' blows my mind when I encounter it. 

earlier today, I was chatting with a beautiful Israeli man at a party, and somehow it came up that I speak some Arabic. he was surprised, and asked me how I came to know Arabic.

 I mentioned that in my youth, I used to be an activist in the Arab-American community (countering discrimination against Arabs in the media, film, and tv), working with Lebanese, Syrians, Egyptians, Iraqis, etc., and I got tired of not understanding my friends' conversation, so I studied Arabic at UCLA for an intensive summer. 
so immediately, this man said, "Ah, so you were working against the Israelis, right?" and it was so absurd to me, I just kind of laughed. (I genuinely love everyone, on all sides of that conflict and every other one in the world.) 

I replied: "No, I was working to combat negative stereotypes of Arabs in US media and entertainment, ie, like how Arabs were often shown as 'bad guys,' terrorists or what-have-you."  

he just... couldn't.... get it.....  

although I'm guessing my beautiful recitation of Hebrew prayers later in the conversation helped smooth over the awkwardness of the moment? 


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