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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

miracle healing with the Sri Chakra Yantra

A Miracle Healing Story 

This is a story about a powerful distance healing I participated in, one of the first palpable miracle experiences I had, during my first trip to India during the winter of '99, into January of 2000.  

The miraculous distance healing happened just after I'd learned to draw the Sri Chakra Yantra -- within a few days of learning the yantra.   

Just after arriving in India for the first time -- which was a big shock to my system, culturally and every other which way, and then to the rural ashram, at that time BARELY constructed, sitting on raw cement slab -- I learned to draw the Sri Chakra yantra.   

Literally, just after arriving: I think it was my first afternoon on the ashram grounds in Penukonda.  

I didn't know much about the yantra at the time (or any yantras, for that matter), or understand very much of what was taught, except that it was a healing device, and had some link to the Mother Divine's energy. I was magnetized to it, and kept drawing it, over and over and over again -- I just fell in love with the geometry, the asymmetry, the angles, the shapes, the whole thing.  I wanted to imprint it on my system, deeply.  

Anyway, somewhere in all of the gajillions of mind-blowing things that were happening, over the first trip to India (every day a major adventure of epic proportions, wild synchronicities happening spontaneously and unpredictably... )  we took a major caravan car and bus ride to a ruined temple town called Hampi, an ancient place on the banks of a gorgeous river, several hours away from the ashram.   

learning a distance healing technique
It was in Hampi, staying in a hotel in nearby Hospet, and meeting with my teacher, the healing master Sri Kaleshwar, out on the hotel lawn for classes and lectures, that I learned a beautiful distance healing technique, using the Sri Chakra. 

The technique itself involved a mantra, with the hands together, fingers interlaced an inch below the navel, linking the seat of the kundalini energy, and then drawing the Sri Chakra in the third eye, in the inner vision.  And then seeing the face/name of a person in need of healing, superimposed with the yantra, mentally, and sending the energy to them for 15-20 minutes.  

This sounded great to me, and since I was all gung-ho, in the throes of my first romance with a yantra, I was all interested in the technique and paid close attention to how it works.  (Fortunately, because of what... happened.... next..............) 

an urgent need for distance healing arose
So, the very next day, in the morning, I got a call from an extremely dear friend in America named Rusel.  Rusel was on the phone, from the US, and he was terrified.  He'd been having chest pains, pretty intense ones, and was scheduled for a stress test, for the heart, in the morning.  He was really freaked out by the pains, and the whole prospect of maybe something being off with his heart...  and...  he wanted to know if I could do any kind of healing for him, from India. 

"Well," I said, after listening to his fears for a while, and letting him say all that was on his mind about the chest pains, and his concern -- "it just so happens I learned something yesterday, and I'd love to do a healing for you!"  He was super-grateful, so I gave him a few simple instructions about what to do, how to receive the energy properly, for the next 20 minutes or so on his end, and then we got off the phone.  

I remember sitting on the bed, cross-legged, in a half-lotus, and interlacing my hands, thumbs NOT touching, an inch below the navel, thinking the mantra................... and holy cow, the energy just came straight up into my head, boom, a lot of heat and light and nothing subtle about it -- really palpable, and interesting, so I kept thinking the mantra, and drew the Sri Chakra in my mind, and then, when it was really solid there, I could feel its energy mixing with the mantra's energy and producing an incredible combination of energy.....  

And then I saw Rusel's face in the whole thing, and it was -- an amazing experience.  The yantra was pulsing, and glowing, and changing form, now super-close, now telescoped away, like a living entity in my 3rd eye, the HEAT of the thing was incredible, all through my whole system....   While the mantra was somewhere back in there, pulsing away, doing its thing (whatever that was)......

And all of a sudden, in the middle of that intensity of mantra-yantra experience, I saw Rusel as clearly in my mind, as though he were sitting right in front of me, his whole face, and torso -- he was right there with me!  I could have reached out and touched him, he was that present and palpable, in that pulsating energy light experience. And then, just as I stopped to think, "HEY!  that's RUSEL!"  I felt an enormous stabbing pain, a couple of them, in my heart -- and I burst into tears, was sobbing but holding the energy and the yantra and the meditation, and Rusel's face there... for a few more minutes.  

This was an incredible experience. I had the distinct sense that his chest pains had passed through me, for a few seconds.  When it was over, I was still crying, a little, and a little shaky, but super-blissful.  The light of the yantra-mantra combination was still with me, and I had the feeling that something really important had just happened.   

I made a conscious effort to decharge the impact of that healing -- I definitely didn't want any trace of that heart condition, or the chest pains, left in my system, not even some tiny percentage.  After that, I just went about the rest of my day. 

gratitude: for the healing process & its results
Later that evening, I saw Sri Kaleshwar and I had the chance to thank him for that technique (having just learned it the day before).  I told him I'd used it on a friend that morning, and hoped it was successful.   He looked at me for a good long second, scanning the situation and the energy, and then said calmly, "It worked."

Alx & Sri Kaleshwar chatting at Joshua Tree, California, in 2006

The next day, Rusel called me -- after the stress tests.  

He had no chest irregularities of any kind, was given a clean bill of heart health, and hadn't have any more chest pains.   (They were gone for years, after that -- nearly a decade.) 

This was an amazing demonstration, to me, of what's possible with the healing techniques involving yantra.  There was my friend, clear on the other side of the world, and this intensely intimate, basically in-person (is what it felt like) healing had happened within a few minutes.  From a technique I'd learnt, literally, the day before!!!!!   His chest pains were gone (I knew it, because I'd felt them pass through me!), and his tone, instead of frightened and anxiety-ridden, was relieved and ebullient.   

The crazy thing was that it was the first time I'd ever used the technique!  

still in love with the Sri Chakra, after all these years
(Of course since that initial outing with it, I've used the Sri Chakra frequently, over the last 16 years, for healing both in person and at a distance.  I still find it as powerful -- even more so, now, actually -- as it was that first time, and I'm still deeply in love with that particular energy, and the healing power of that simple, ridiculously simple, and unbelievably profound technique.) 

And yes, I do still work on people (and animals) from a distance, as part of my healing practice.  

You can find out more or make a healing appointment at

Using the Sri Chakra technique to send distance healing,
from the UCBK center in Santa Cruz, 2012


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