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Friday, September 23, 2016

feeling the spiritual burn... of purification

along my way in the deep spiritual dive of life (years in India with a living spiritual master named Kaleshwar who was a miraculous healing saint with the full command of Nature at his fingertips, tough as nails and loving as a pure dearest best friend).... I discovered the immortal poetry of the Sufi saint, Hafiz (as translated by Daniel Ladinsky).

Hafiz was and continues to be a total comfort, and inspiration, especially when the going gets tough.

and it's a guarantee, in a deep spiritual path, that the going will get tough -- when the inner burning and purification really starts, and everything seems wholly uncomfortable, inside and out.

purification is no joke -- and is the main reason why people leave spiritual paths, citing all kinds of excuses about this or that, but the truth is that buttons are getting pushed, attachments are being questioned if not broken completely, and the structure of ego, the false identity that every human being is born into and clings desperately to (in lieu of discovering what's real, inside, underneath the façade) is getting systematically decontructed.

and that deconstruction is PAINFUL.
(until one acquires a taste, and a gratitude, for it.)

at a certain point, every spiritual seeker, be they ever so sincere and dedicated, will hit the place where they want to run away from the purification of the Self....because it is so scorching in its pure love and total seems like 'too much' to the inner structure of blocks and especially the egoism. (except it's exactly what we're all dying for, yearning for, begging for, from our inside souls and consciousness.....the deconstruction of the illusion self, the resurrection of the reality self, inside.)

because all of that false stuff, the egoism, the preferences, the attachments, the behaviors and tendencies and negative emotions and desires... starts to burn away, leaving purity in its wake. and that inner purity can be, in the early experiences of it, disorienting, to say the least.

anyway, here's a beautiful Hafiz poem for the day... paired up with a photo from one of the healing fire homas I conduct twice a month -- really bringing home the burning and scorching theme that is so vitally important in spiritual life. (click on the photo to see it in a larger form.)


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