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Monday, December 27, 2004

sending love to South Asia...

kali statue with shiva
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I was going to write a big beautiful Happy Christmas message to everyone -- but I've been super-busy (with an engrossing course running, here, over Christmas and at odd and all hours) and then...

on the full moon, of course, the earth rocked itself so severely that an Italian seismologist noted it disturbed the rotation of the earth itself.

& then the waves came, killing tens of thousands of people.

please, take a moment, quietly, and send your love to all of our brothers and sisters in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, the Maldives... the quake and the waves are over but the long-term devastation of millions of people in the coastal regions of these countries isn't. people have lost their homes, family members, livelihoods, everything, gone in the blink of an eye.

please send your love and blessings. this part of the world really needs it, and will continue to need it, over the next days and weeks.

also -- while you're acting in love, keep asking the deep inner question -- WHY is Mother Divine doing this? what is Amma trying to show Her children on the planet, at this time, by triggering such devastation?

the first thing that inevitably happens around any tragedy, on any scale, personal or universal, is the question arising, when the shock has worn off: how could this happen?

particularly thoughtful or philosophical types will jump quickly enough to the second question: if there is a god, and that god is merciful, then why are we subjected to so much suffering in this life?

it's a good question. it bears investigating.

unless we decode Her actions, Her Nature, we will never learn anything.

She is the Nature; the earth that rocks itself, the waves that can comfort or destroy -- She is in the hearts of all human beings.

& more and more, She is showing Her face...

it's so so so important for all of us to look behind the immediate reflection, and discern the truth of Her actions...


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