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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

back to Jesus in India

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so, finally, after all the explanations of Yogananda (one of my favorite saints of all time!) and his guru parampara (lineage), back to Jesus. (who is also part of Yogananda's lineage, although it's never expressly stated as to WHY Jesus is part of Yogananda's lineage.)

someone asked, would I talk about what I've learned about Jesus from my teacher, Kaleshwara...?

my response is -- touring Kaleshwara's website,, and looking under 'Teachings' and the JC Channels, will shed some light on what Sri Kaleshwar is doing and saying about Jesus.)

the real promise of Christ's life and spiritual study in India, as I understand it, according to Yogananda and other great saints, is that EVERY one of us, all souls on this planet, are eligible to receive the same high divine energy and spiritual knowledge that Jesus had, to perform similar miracles, and to share the high-level teachings.

no soul is ineligible -- if they're willing to do the hard spiritual work, they can get the results.

the word 'gospel' means 'good news' -- to me, the news that anyone can become a supernatural healer at the level of magnitude that Christ was, is thrilling.

good news, to say the least! and the world really needs such healers, especially now.


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