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Monday, December 06, 2004

on a roll with Jesus & Mother Divine

st julian of norwich
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& who better to comment on those two characters than St. Julian of Norwich?

she was a 14th-century British Benedictine nun who had direct visions of and teachings from Christ. Julian's writings are infused with the living brilliance of divine information -- she clearly understood god as both mother and father. interestingly enough, much of what she wrote in the 1300s are experiences & understandings identical with what I'm learning in India.

(so it's after 1 a.m., and it's one of those rare nights where I'm sitting in India, late at night, totally wide awake, listening to the crickets chirping and clicking outside... and I have actually finished all of my meditation work, so I'm free to blunder and surf and blog on the net.)

for the last day or two, Jesus & Mother Divine (and their connection) has really been in the forefront of my mind. possibly because it's nearing Christmas time.

or because Jesus is coming up, again, strongly, in the world's consciousness and most especially here in our little humble home in Penukonda. who can say?

anyway, there's a lot I want to post about Jesus, as we gear up for this miraculous Christmas season...

but for now, this from St. Julian, on the maternal nature of god, will suffice:

  "The mother's service is nearest, readiest and surest. It is nearest, for it is natural, readiest, for it is most of love, and surest for it is of truth. This office might nor could anyone ever do to the full, but Christ Jesus, God and Man alone. We know well that all our mothers bear us with pain and for dying. But our true Mother Jesus, he alone bears us to joy and to bliss, and endless living, blessed must he be.

Thus he sustains us within him in love. And travailed into the full time that he would suffer the sharpest throes and the most grievous pains that ever were or ever shall be, and died at the last and when he had done and so borne us to bliss, yet might not all this be enough to his marvellous love. And that showed he in these high overpassing words of love, 'If I might suffer more I would suffer more' .

He might no more die, but he would not cease working. Therefore then he needs must feed us, for the dear worthy love of Motherhead has made him debtor to us. The mother may give her child to suck her milk, but our precious Mother Jesus, he may feed us with himself, and does full courteously and full tenderly with the blessed sacrament of his body and blood that is precious food of very life."

(if you want to read more from St. Julian --


  • At 2:16 AM, Blogger A One Girl Revolution said…

    Thank you for writing these thoughts on St. Julian. I'd love to see you write more on the role of Christ and particularly share with us what Kaleshwara has shared about Christ. When you open your heart up to God and to the world with love, you find that there is more room than you anticipated, even though at first it seems like more than you can bear.


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