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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

'the lion of Bengal': Sri Yukteshwar

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Yukteshwar, Yogananda's guru, 'the lion of Bengal,' was an unbelievable spiritual master. Yogananda talks about his training under Yukteshwar in his autobiography.

Yukteshwar, among other things, was known for his deep grasp and recitations of Christian scriptures. although a monk himself, he was passionately interested in the world events of his day; in science and technological advances in particular. he spoke fluent French in addition to his native Bengali -- and was a jyotish master, an expert in astrology.

clearly one of his major tasks, though, was to prepare Yogananda as a spiritual master who could bridge East and West. Yogananda, steeped in the Indian mystical tradition, was sent to America to teach and intitate hundreds of thousands of people, over his lifetime, about the similarities between Indian spirituality and Christianity.

Yukteshwar's description of an apex state in meditation, from his book The Holy Science blows my mind -- clearly he's referencing the greatness of Jesus as well as the 7 Rishis... (if you check out my teacher's website,, you'll notice the JC Channels, which he originally called "the 7 Rishi Channels" or Sapta Rishis, 'sapta' being seven.)

so, Yukteshwar, on meditation, from The Holy Science:

"Then he perceives the manifestations of Spirit, and passes through the seven Patala Lokas (or centers in the spine), beholding the seven rishis.

In the state of baptism (Bhakti Yoga, or Surat Sabda Yoga, absorption of the Ego in the holy Sound) man repents and withdraws his self from the external world of gross matters, Bhuloka, and enters into the internal one of fine matter, the Bhuvarloka. There he perceives the manifestation of Spirit, the true Light, like seven stars in seven centers or astrally shining places, which are compared to seven golden candlesticks. These stars, being the manifestation of true Light, the Spirit, are called angels or rishis, which appear one after another in the right hand of the son of man; that is, in his right way to Divinity."


  • At 12:04 PM, Blogger Tom Fox said…

    Yes, light its about light

    my favorite chapter (43) in Auto Bio of Yogi where the late Sri Yukteshwar informs about astral planets :light planets with even vegtables of light .He and beings from these higher astral realms travel on masses of light.He would dematerialize and travel on what he called the light express instantaneously to where he chose to. Therefore , light is key and must be studied and worshiped. I've been told and sense that our sun (and stars) are these higher dimensions where transcended adepts now live.


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