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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Yogananda lecturing

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Yogananda lectured widely throughout the United States, drawing huge crowds in New York, Chicago, and other major American cities.

he established his monastery, and his main teaching center, the Lake Shrine, in Los Angeles. the other ashram, at Encinitas, was constructed on land right near the ocean near San Diego.

his voice (I heard it in dreams before I heard it in actuality) was BOOMING, a huge, melodious, expressive basso profundo voice, like a rishi's. there are audio tapes of some of his lectures -- amazing to hear his voice and eloquence.

one of my favorite Yogananda quotes:

"this life is nothing but a dream bluff of god, to test your faith in immortality."

it's all a dream -- whether we think it's real or not... it's still just a dream.........


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