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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Maha Durga

durga statue
Originally uploaded by alxindia.
Jai Ma!

so this is the 1200 or 1400-year-old statue I saw in Hampi, described in the post entitled "Durga in Hampi Letter."

She is only a few feet high, but She is majestic.

you can see some of Her many weapons, held in Her many arms, poking out from behind the sari cloth the priests drape around Her.

this photo was taken after the puja, or ceremony, described in the letter -- I somehow didn't think it was respectful to take a photograph of the Divine Mother when She's nude.

so I waited for the priest to put Her sandal paste, turmeric and bright red kum-kum powder back on, as well as the sari cloth, before snapping.


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