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Friday, August 27, 2004

house cat? not in a million years!

Kaleshwara in Hampi, smiling
Originally uploaded by alxindia.
I just thought this site was lacking the obvious -- a photograph of Kaleshwara.

this photo was taken in Hampi, in an ancient ruined temple there. Hampi was the capital of literally the richest empire in the world, the Vijayanagara, in the 1500s. Portuguese traders at the time wrote incredible accounts of the richesse of the streets of Hampi, how the street vendors were selling gemstones by the pile, and gold, and luxurious cloths and ... it was eye-popping.

the king who ruled that empire also lived for a time in our humble rural village, a place called Penukonda.

Hampi is also a site where more than a thousand temples were constructed, over many centuries. it is a power spot, on the planet.

Kaleshwara loves to take his students there to visit, to meditate, to experience the energy in the various abandoned temples there, and to enjoy the incredible natural surroundings -- gorgeous river, rice paddy fields, impossible stretch of uninterrupted sky merging with heaven, above and below the horizon...


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