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Saturday, October 16, 2004

angels & nature meditation

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here's a lovely yogic technique you might try in meditation:

Meditating with the Angels

the idea is that you go into nature, where you can meditate quietly and uninterrupted by human beings. it helps to take a blanket or towel or something to sit/lie on (-- it's never a good idea to meditate on the bare earth, you reap no benefit from it at all, since the earth's nature is so magnetic it's autmatically sucking your meditation power out of you WHILE you're trying to charge your soul through meditation).

anyway, be in nature, doing whatever meditation you do, until you go deep (start to feel drowsy, for example, or physically heavy, or some energy running). in that state, then, you ask the 4 great questions, internally, of Nature:

1) who am I?

2) where did I come from? (where was I before I was born?)

3) what is my real soul mission (dharma) in this life?

4) where will I go after I die?

if you are in a deep meditative state and you ask these questions of Nature from that state, Nature has to respond to you.

the angels (agents of Nature) are automatically attracted to such a state, and to such questions.

Ramana Maharshi recommended dwelling on these 4 questions.

my teacher Kaleshwara agrees wholeheartedly & recommended doing them in nature. he was also kind enough to explain part of the mechanism of WHY it's important to ask them in Nature, in trance (the angels are attracted).

it's a POWERFUL process.



  • At 9:28 PM, Blogger TAG said…

    Rilke said, "All angels are terrifying," and I think that he was not far off the mark. My father's mother encountered an angel while playing in the woods as a child. It shaped her life and sustained her through great challenges. My experiences of them have been both sublime and deeply unsettling. I have a painting by my desk of an angel-- a nude woman-- on the porch of a country house watching a car approach in the distance, two cats post like sentries by her feet. Her wings are of a bird of prey.


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