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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

negativity in creation

I think it's a delicate subject, and one that people have very strong opinions about on all sides of the spiritual spectrum -- what I've seen in the New Age and other spiritual systems (including some Eastern meditation teachings) is that there's a studied avoidance of the question of negativity, or evil per se.

the prevailing thinking is 'well, if I think about it, then I'll create it. so I refuse to think about it.'

every spiritual master I've known, worth their salt, mentions that trying to deny that negativity exists actually saps more energy from us than simply dealing with it.

my experience is this:

if we want to understand what's really happening in this world, and on this planet, our comprehension has to include a real assessment of the negativity and evil actions in this world.

why? so we can learn how to transform it into high divine, high positivity.

every example of Jesus (in the conventional gospels that form the New Testament)in terms of negative spirits and people performing evil actions involves a transformation, a healing, of those characters. he didn't just turn a blind eye, or react with denial ('it doesn't exist so I won't give it any attention') or fear -- he just handled it, and turned it into a healing example.

this is true with the Indian yogi-saints, as well. when faced with high negativity, or people performing evil acts, they knew how to change that negativity into beauty.

surely this is a challenge that lies before each of us, today, regardless of what tradition or belief system we're coming from.


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