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Sunday, March 25, 2007

the last refuge

Shirdi Baba statue
Originally uploaded by alxindia.

here's the living Shirdi Baba statue, in the temple building in Penukonda.

not much to say except that on this last trip, I was mostly too sick (massive head cold and chest cold and mucus production) to visit the Big Boss very much. I stayed in my room and tried to breathe, rest, sleep, heal.

but he's always in my mind, always in my thoughts and my heart.

it was a huge relief, after about 4 weeks of being in the room, and then still too weak and wobbly to make the trek to his temple, to start visiting the temple again and making my deeply grateful pranams to his silver padukas.

bolo Sainath maharaja ki jai!


  • At 1:48 PM, Blogger Lightbringer said…

    I have noticed, in hindsight, that most of my illnesses have accurately reflected my inner clockwork.
    A strange thing about sickness is that it is often an indication of, and the bearer of, a wondrous healing. When deep blockages, old problems, inner conflicts come to the surface they take a toll on the body. But the sickness brings a healing, ofen on many levels. We can release the congestion that has been choking us, "get a load off our chest," cough out what is stale and inhibiting and get ready to breathe new fresh air.
    I think it is not an "accident" that you have been unwell on this trip to Penukonda. In a place where you are digging deeply into yourself it is inevitable that you will take up some serious therapy. Sounds like you have exposed and let go of alot of stuff you don't need anymore.
    Where to we want to go when we are sick? We want to go home. Home in itself is a healing environment. I think you went "home" with a heavy inner agenda, as reflected in the surface storm that followed. Mission accomplished! You are new! Now Get Well Soon!

    I think of you often, Alx, and hold you in my heart. I follow your adventures, and even though you are half a world away the distance doesn't seem to matter very much. I think we hang out at the same Celestial Temple.


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