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Thursday, April 05, 2007

morning program

here's a lovely morning program -- it's served as the way I experience those first waking moments of consciousness, every morning, for the last several years:

upon realizing that you're awake, start chanting any prayer you really love, asking the divine to use you as its instrument for the day.

the Guru Mantra is the prayer I use in the mornings, reminding myself that I am completely NOT in control of my own day and whatever happens is really in god's hands. the best I can do is surrender to god's will for my day, and be a willing instrument of healing, love, truth, and hard work, no matter what's happening. and to take care of whoever comes in front of me, or whatever situations materialize throughout the day, to the best of my ability.

starting the day off this way, acknowledging the creator/creatrix, and putting myself completely in their hands, makes each day a sacred adventure.

there are literally days when I can recognize, actively, that every person with whom I come into contact is speaking to me as a representative of the divine..... and that every situation that occurs is either a reflection of my own karma, or some divine testing, or both, or some opportunity to wash out whatever illusions (like fear, egoism, jealousy, blaming, anger, etc.) I'm carrying.

then there are those other days, when despite the best intentions in the world, I can't see much beyond my own emotions and ideas about how things are...and it seems that the divine is quite far away, or at least, elusive, on those kinds of days of forgetting.

in a nutshell, there's the human condition. we are divine characters who are so fogged over, at any given time, that we completely abrogate our divine natures and forget what incredible light creatures we are. (and often act like idiots out of that forgetfulness! *grinning* )

for human beings to wake up, acknowledge their soulful connection to god, and set an inner intention to function as a being in the flow of the divine will -- it's a powerful step toward recognizing the inner divine that is always present within us, whether we are consciously aware of this, at any given moment, or not.

one final thought, a joke I've loved for years and STILL laugh at:

Do you know how to make god laugh?

Tell him/her your plans for the day!!!!!!!


  • At 1:34 PM, Blogger Lightbringer said…

    "Moments of Grace." They provide us a way to work toward Infinity one nibble at a time! It is good to begin our day by intending it to be a series of "Moments of Grace."
    Some of these moments come easily, as a gift--a technicolor sunset, a hummingbird feasting on lilies, wildfowers in an unexpected place. We feel so connected. Divine Union is simple "there" for us.
    The most significant Moments of Grace don't come with trumpets and flags and flowers. They are those moments of "quiet desperation" that only offer the possibility of a Moment of Grace, but perhaps the greatest possibility because of the challenge.
    We transform these the hard way, insofar as we are able--tending to an old person lost to Alzheimers; dealing with an angry family member; wondering how to pay bills; sharing the pain of someone who has had a son return from Iraq blind, with no arms. Sometimes we are so immersed in the situation that to call it a "Moment of Grace" seems even more cruel.
    Therein lies the challenge--to somehow transform EVERY moment of our lives into a Moment of Grace, and to stitch them together into a seamless State of Grace. This ongoing "upgrading of the moment" is only possible if we have cultivated an acute awareness of the moment itself. Ever-present mindfulness is the fruit of long-term spiritual practice. We remind ourselves constantly that we are living a dream (maya) and that our true nature is Divine beyond the apparent circumstances. The capacity to reframe the moment as a "lucid waking dream" allows us to grab the potential it holds and extract Beauty from the Beast. Our little selves must get out of the way entirely so as to be an instrument of the Highest Good. Surely God does laugh at our little plans--but hopefully He/She laughs WITH us and not AT us! Even on our less splendid days, if our heart intentions are okay then everything else will be okay too.

  • At 12:34 PM, Blogger Alx said…

    well said, as always, Patty! good to hear you again, I've missed your insights and camaraderie.

    and, yes, those 'tragic' moments are actually quite blissful if we see them as the karmic gifts they are. opportunities to wash the karmas! yay! not at all a hardship -- just more evidence of god's loving attention on us and our individual conditions.

    you wrote: "Surely God does laugh at our little plans--but hopefully He/She laughs WITH us and not AT us!"

    well, *grinning*, hope springs eternal!!!!

    (I actually enjoy the idea of god laughing AT me -- gives me more perspective on how insignificant my problems really are in the grand scheme of things.)




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