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Monday, August 21, 2006

street JAMMing

Originally uploaded by alxindia.

"a funny thing happened to me on the street in Santa Cruz on Sunday....."

yeah, I guess! The Mystic JAMMS Band took their first leap into Street JAMMin' -- spending a couple of hours singing sacred songs, kirtan, bhajans and mantras, on the street in Santa Cruz.

what a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! the vibrations were beautiful, and people walked by, smiled, donated cash, sang along, made 'namaste' with their hands, stared at the photos of Sri Kaleshwara and Shirdi Baba, and enjoyed the music.

thought I'd share the photo as evidence of what can happen when sacred song takes to the streets.

of course we were all completely blissed out and wanted to spend the rest of the night out there...!


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