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Monday, June 26, 2006

extreme Jesus

so why do people in this world have such an extreme reaction when Jesus is mentioned?

some people completely love him, without having a reason -- they just love Jesus, and no matter what religion they were raised with, or not, that's how it is. other people hear his name and -- for whatever reason, maybe they dislike modern Christianity and its apparent disconnect from Christ's actual teachings, or it's a heartbreak having been raised in a perverted Christian tradition, or they come from some other religion (or none) that doesn't have much to do with Jesus, or or or -- they want to run away from that name, that meaning, that energy, Jesus.

attraction. revulsion. sometimes the two co-exist simultaneously.

but even in his own life and times, during the Passion, mostly people were running away from him, not towards him. how is that possible, that the Prince of Peace, the greatest healer in this world, could elicit such a reaction from the people who were around him?

people attuned to the high divine adore him and what he did, and continues to do, in this world. people out of alignment with the high divine want to run the other way from him. or destroy his character, or his good name, from their ignorance. it's natural -- that is the Illusion of this world operating in and through them.

behind it all, though, Jesus is laughing.

like a mother with her children, he knows it's just a matter of time before they figure out what idiots they're being and wake up -- and his energy is utterly committed to waking the souls on this planet up.

he knew exactly what he was doing.

now it's our turn to catch up and understand it, too.


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