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Saturday, July 15, 2006

where Jesus walked...

Jesus Yogi bigger
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so the shit in the Middle East is hitting the fan once again.

as a student of humanity, I’m always looking to read ‘between the lines’ and trying to peep behind the scenes in matters like this, I mean, contrasting the surface world realities with some spiritual mechanisms running behind.

trying to dig to the essential bedrock and find out what’s going on, energetically. to inhabit that place where the answers should be easy and somehow aren’t.

(and noticing that they usually contradict the 'official Western media versions' in any case.)

(maybe this partly explains my youth as an activist in the Arab-American community?)

I’ve studied the Middle East from all angles (politically, culturally, religiously, linguistically, etc.) for decades and my conclusion is that something really interesting is happening in relationship to Israel/Palestine having been the place where mystic Judaism expressed itself and then Jesus lived, walked, and was tortured there by way of ushering in a new phase in human enlightenment – an initiation, if you will. Mohammed, later, made a soul journey to Jerusalem and was greeted there by angelic characters.

my feeling about the Middle East in general, and more specifically Israel/Palestine, is that the last 2000 years of conflict in that region (Crusades and all) has been a kind of fallout in response to whatever Christ did there, 2000 years ago. he set love in motion, instead of 'an eye for an eye.'

so – how to see through the veils of illusion and conflict, negativity and suffering that region’s been through for milleniae?

the standard spiritual solution – praying for peace and love – and sending that love, from each of our hearts to the people in the region – is a powerful one.

I would add, though, that human beings can be inspired, ignited, and SHOULD be moved by situations like this to keep digging for the underlying understandings of how this world operates – tragedy on such an epic scale can be a cause for more research of a deeper kind, not hopelessness or resignation or cynicism.

it’s so desperate and knotted, so painful and on-going, we have to ultimately ask ourselves, “how can this happen, in this world?” (ie, "if there's a god who's all-merciful and all-loving.... how can human beings all be doing this crazy torture to one another, in his or her name?")

the inquiry that follows this first question is a spiritual adventure………………!

for each of us, praying STRONGLY to see the truth behind the illusion of conflict and suffering is a complementary approach to sending the love to the people trapped in the conflict and suffering.

if we can see the truth, we can change the illusion.


  • At 12:08 PM, Blogger Lightbringer said…

    I really love this Yogi Jesus picture! Makes me want to call the gentle doves to my hand! I always loved the doves of peace, in contrast to the eagles of war. While I am thrilled to watch raptors such as falcons and hawks flying, I have never liked eagles. I suspect this is because they symbolically represent invasion, aggression, bloody taking by force (land, money, status, whatever). Look back at the regimes that have used the eagle on their standard since early history--Rome, Austria-Prussia, Germany, and (gulp!) the U.S.
    I share your pain over what is happening in the Middle East. This certainly is one giant ulcer on the body of the planet that continues to spew pus and blood as a surface manifestation of deep dis-ease. Enormous vortices of energy are churning, burning, as if anchored over that place. It is understandable that people who are suffering so much look for immediate surface relief and not to the hidden forces that move soldiers, bombs and tanks. But of course the answers to any real healing and resolution lie in deeper layers of our collective consciousness. How long will it take? Only God knows--I love that old quote that says "The mills of the Gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine!" We may see talcum powder before this is done!


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