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Friday, March 03, 2006

South India March 2006

South India around Shiva Rathri, wow.

it's a beautiful time. many miraculous events are occurring, as I'm sure you can all imagine, and as if in confirmation of this principle, last night there was an EPIC thunder and rainstorm, the likes of which I never saw here in all my years in South India.

the staircases and walkways were FLOODED in a torrent of water, shoes were floating away into the garden.... I walked about 30 yards in the rain, under a huge blanket, and was soaked through to the skin by the time I reached my apartment. I came under the blanket with two other women, and by the time we reached the apartment building we were giggling and shouting with laughter, like three-year-olds, completely innocent and giddy.

once home, I was COLD and WET. (which necessitated much hot chocolate and cookies!)

it was WILD. it never rains at this time of year, ever -- and even during the monsoon season, we've never seen a downpour like that. it came up while Kaleshwara was talking on some divine principles.... of course he didn't seem at all surprised by the sudden storm.... (grinning)

and our last news is that he did invite Jonathan and me to stay a few weeks longer, here.

so we'll be leaving India, we think, somewhere around the 23rd March, and then spending a few days in Singapore, before coming again to America at the end of March..........

after that, well, we'll be teaching and healing again, and performing with the JAMMS.... and enjoying the next chapters in this unfolding saga of spiritual adventure with all our friends old and new!


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