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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Asian JAMMS & the joys of healing...

so The Mystic JAMMS Band arrived in Singapore on the 9th of February, 2006, and spent a few days in a nice hotel relaxing, sight-seeing, touring around, and finding out where to get musical instruments... (Boon Music Studios, as it turned out, lived up to the promise of its name -- it really was a boon! -- and outfitted us with a fine electric bass, keyboard and a few amplifiers.)

we connected with Whatever, the fabulous healing and yoga cafe center in Chinatown, where the concert was going to be held. the friendly, warm, and inspired bunch there at Whatever were pumped up about the concert and really did their best to get the word out and to promote the show (on incredibly short notice).

on Friday, Jonathan and I had a great time re-connecting with our friends and extended spiritual family in Singapore, doing healings, sharing spiritual discoveries, and enjoying meals together on Friday.

we taught a mini-workshop on Saturday afternoon, covering aspects of karma, healing, miracles and spiritual healing.

that night, we played and sang, entertained and let the healing energy rip in the main yoga studio of Whatever. it was sublime, and we were very happy that we'd brought most of our instruments along from the USA (guitar and drums, flute and digiridoo! -- amazing how they all fit into suitcases!) since it all went smoothly.

it was a real honor to share this music with our friends in Singapore, and we're looking forward to doing it again in the future.

it was especially inspiring to be able to share the new mantra, Om Mama, with them. Kaleshwara had just given it out in America in November, as a kind of soul medicine to treat many ailments, and Maya & Sage loved it so much they set it to music, and then went through the difficult job of recording, arranging, mixing and finally having it put onto CDs so we could share them with JAMMS audiences in Singapore and America, as well as our friends at Kaleshwar's ashram in India. (the CD will be available on our site, at -- at the Mystic JAMMS Band link.)

watching a roomful of people in Singapore learn this mantra for the first time, by singing it, and feeling its power and healing develop in the room, was an incredible experience.

standing in a doorway as the fresh winds of divine change are blowing in from the outside... feeling the door open wider and wider... seeing the relief, the settling down, the unburdening, that occurs when people's hearts are exposed to the breeze of pure love....



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