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Saturday, November 27, 2004

mechanics of meditation: charging & decharging

also -- another little known aspect about meditation is that when you're purifying (the result of charging your soul, your deep level, with meditation energy), decharging helps speed up the purification process.

de-charging -- there are simple techniques to rid your system of stress from purification, or stress (negativity) in general.

one simple technique -- take a handful of fresh flowers, cut flowers, any kind, and hold them for 15 minutes BEFORE you meditate, with the simple intention to decharge any stress in your system you might be holding into the flowers. especially if it was a rough work day, or you had an argument or other stressful encounter with another person that day.

you'll literally feel the stress flow out of your hands into the flowers. (be SURE to toss those flowers out, after, so no one else picks them up!)

in the absence of fresh flowers, a handful of leaves (fresh) will do.
or a handful of dirt.

the important part is having the conscious intention to de-charge.

this technique uses one of the five elements of creation (the earth) for de-charging purposes.

you can also use the water element -- every time you shower, just have the intention, consciously, that you're using the water element (which is also inside you, in the blood system and saliva and other body fluids) to de-charge any stress you're carrying, today.

you'll feel the stress and strain flow out of you -- it does, anyway, when you bathe, but having the increased intent will escalate the natural decharging process.

once you've de-charged for 15 minutes or so -- whether you're using flowers, leaves, earth, or the shower -- THEN sit down and try to meditate.

wow, what a difference.

meditating is all about charging high positive energy -- but often ignores the other side of the same coin, de-charging negative energy.

both are necessary for good meditation. balance in all things!


  • At 9:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Alx, these are all very helpful! Can I do them all at once? Take a bath, with my light rose candle, and holding some jet or onyx?

    I have a lot to de-charge. = )



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