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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

jesus church in penukonda

the JC church/temple
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Christmas 2000 was an auspicious and beautiful time in our ashram -- it marked the opening of this 'church' on the second floor of the main temple building, dedicated to Jesus, with a living (that is to say, ALIVE) statue of Jesus pouring his love into the whole place.

the statue of Jesus itself is only a few feet high -- and solid marble.

to the right of Jesus is Dattatreya, an Indian deity character who is extraordinary, even among Indian deities, for the quality of his play with the Mother Divine. Datta has three heads, each one representing an aspect of G-O-D (generator, operator, destroyer) in nature -- their Indian names are Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshvara (Shiva)

on the left side of Jesus is a statue that's meant to represent his mother, Mary, but is more Indian-goddess-like than Western depictions of Mary. doesn't matter, Mother is Mother. as Kaleshwara says, "She doesn't belong to any religion."

this Jesus Temple, then, as we call it here at the ashram, has been the site of many incredible classes with Kaleshwara, and many miraculous events, since it opened in 2000.


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