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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

the ninja twins move into a Baba Temple...

Masters Pi & Li
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yes, truly.

the dancing Wu Li brothers, Master Pi and Master Li, newly adopted and brought to their home in the redwoods, a Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Frost Cottage.

could anything be better?

this photo was taken of these Zen monk karate jujitsu Aikido kung-fu ninja fighters (&, we're quite sure, Samurai gentlemen who excel at calligraphy, flower-arranging and creating haiku) in their first patch of sunlight, on their first day in their new home.

Master Li is the one with the eyes open. Pi is the sleepy fluff-ball behind him.

of course their names produced gales of laughter at the veterinary office where the Dancing Wu Li Fighting Masters made their first appearance, earlier this week.

"so," asked the vet, a charming young woman with no fewer than 5 earrings (and the piercings to go with them) in her left ear, "are they called Masters because they're Kung-Fu fighters or rappers?!"

good question.

of course I opted for the former, but must say that since Master Pi has found his voice over the last week or so, there's every chance to suppose that they may in fact be putting out their first single soon.

look for it in Zen pet shops everywhere....!


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