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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I graduated!

I graduated!
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well, oh my god.

this is some kinda landmark in my spiritual life.

although it really doesn't seem POSSIBLE, it happened in July '07 -- an official graduate of Sri Kaleshwar's Soul University program....

Jonathan and I were on the "come and go" students track -- full access to all the teachings and transcripts of the Soul University even though we weren't in residence at the ashram in Penukonda for the totality of the program, but were teaching full-time in America and Singapore.

what is beautiful -- really beautiful -- is that we got to watch a number of our American students who have really worked their asses off during this last year in Penukonda graduate.

they really ground unbelievably difficult knowledge, digested unfathomable spiritual energy, and emerged as powerful, open-hearted divine characters -- and this was incredible to observe.

I felt like a proud mama, or aunt, or something, watching my 'kids' graduate at the master's hand.

and yes, we ALL got a handshake! (and a LOT of shakti transferred with that handshake -- gives new meaning to the 'shake' part of the word. I was literally shaking for about an hour after this grip.)

so, yikes, I'm an official graduate & my head is still spinning.

got the signed paper to prove it and everything!

the best part, of course, is that his signature and 'diploma' is written on my soul.

the document itself -- superfluous.

now if I could only read that fine print, etched on my soul!!!!!!!!!!


  • At 11:22 AM, Blogger Me_Again said…

    Spiritual congrats ! I'm new to this blogging experience and I was browsing hundreeds of blgos and I would like to add you on mine. Hope to chat with you sometime.
    Peace. love. dove. crash pads and incense (in sense), Meagan


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