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Friday, November 25, 2005

Shirdi Sai Baba & Kaleshwara cancels LA, Maui...

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so Sri Sai Kaleshwara Swami, my dearest, slipperiest, divine illusion master came to San Francisco on tour lately... did a beautiful program there at the First Unitarian Church, slipped off to Denver to do a beautiful program there, and then came back to Laytonville, CA, to heal people and launch a spiritual process there for whoever showed up.

just before he started, he mentioned that in Denver he got the message to cancel his appearances in Los Angeles and Maui, where several hundred people were expecting him in early December.

his cancellation caused a lot of consternation, confusion, wacky ideas & analyses about WHY he might've cancelled those trips... and it's interesting to see how people respond, and are still responding, to his pulling back and running back to India instead of presenting an evening at the Agape Church in Los Angeles, and in Maui.

the biggest question on everyone's mind who's emailed me or called is: why? why would he cancel?

I have to laugh because I've been around Kaleshwara for years (since 1999) and have seen him play many illusion games with people from all angles, in many different ways at different times. you honestly never know what he's going to do next -- like the children's stories about mysterious sages and wizards wandering around and showing up very much on their own time.

the simple answer is: Shirdi Sai Baba, his master, told him to bail and so he bailed.

there are more complex answers -- he prefers not to visit America, people here need to develop patience and to get more maturity in their understanding of who Kaleshwara is and what magnitude of spiritual teaching and capacity he's really sharing.

mostly we're kinda dumb in this country and take it for granted, oh, another saint is coming to town... ho hum, we've already seen so many.

my feeling is: if Jesus Christ were scheduled to speak in a church in Los Angeles, people in LA would be hard-pressed to commit to going to see him. "oh, yeah, wow, Jesus is in town on Friday night... but there's this great new movie opening that night, too, and a hot band is playing in Hollywood.... hmmmmm."

we're really spoiled. ridiculously spoiled, in America, in terms of spiritual masters and spiritual teachings... and until we develop the real hunger for the real food, we'll still be eating at McDonald's for a few years.

so Shirdi Baba said, 'forget it.' and Sri Kaleshwara agreed.

it's an interesting relationship, his connection with his master -- Shirdi Baba died in 1918, yet came a few times in a physical body to Kaleshwara, who was a boy of about 14 years old at the time. since Kaleshwara was born in the early '70s, it's obviously impossible that their physical lifespans actually converged.

Shirdi Baba is the toughest of the tough, in terms of spiritual figures on this planet. he's a pure huge love character, and also is really about two principles (the 'two rupees' he used to beg off of everyone when he was alive in the town of Shirdi) -- faith and patience.

it seems to me that he assessed Americans in general as pretty well lacking in both characteristics. the best way to treat impatience and lack of faith is to create situations where people are FORCED to develop patience (by having to wait and stew in an uncomfortable waiting period) and faith (usually by having their attachments pulled out from under them so that they really have nowhere else to turn except to the divine).

as Kaleshwar likes to say about Shirdi Baba:

"when you think he's coming from the south, he's coming from the north. when you think he's coming from the west, he's coming from the east. when you think he's coming in ten minutes -- he's already here!"

incredible, to be in the hands of these mischievous, loving, wily, relentless, shining beings.....!


  • At 7:44 PM, Blogger Alpesh said…

    Yes Shirdi Sai Baba, inscrutable, the loving the grace showering Saint, God,
    I am totally dedicated.


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