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Monday, April 15, 2013

healing heartbreak requires a soul doctor on duty - & knowledge of the Womb Chakra

"We have many hospitals for the bodies, even for the minds.  But where are the hospitals for the broken hearts?  We need to create those."
  - Sri Kaleshwar

healing heartbreak.  it is such a huge subject.

what's really implied in healing heartbreak is a soul healing.

how to heal the soul? what is the soul? it's easy to heal bodies, minds, even the emotional heart. but what about the inner essence of a human being, the soul?  what medicine heals heartbreak?

a lot of people recoil at the term heartbreak -- if they're not in the throes of a fresh relationship break-up, then 'heartbreak' doesn't apply to them, they think.

but 'heartbreak' isn't limited to romantic break-ups and disillusionments.  heartbreak, the way Kaleshwar meant it and the way I've come to understand it, includes any heart-shattering, painful event or trauma.

heartbreak can include:
  • romantic breakups
  • death of a loved one
  • extreme loss of any kind
  • betrayal in business or relationships
  • professional disappointment
  • childhood trauma, abuse, circumstances (like growing up in a war zone)
  • military combat experiences
  • abuse from a mate or loved one
  • religious/spiritual heartbreak
the list goes on and on. 

and the ripples that occur from heartbreak -- symptoms that can include depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, eating disorders, suicidal behaviors, addictions, co-dependent relationships... -- these negative experiences can reverberate throughout a whole lifetime, and affect all of our subsequent judgments, actions, and relationships.

we tend to choose unhealthy habits and relationships, once the heart's been seriously broken.

the deepest heartbreak 
but the deep -- the deepest -- heartbreak I know in humanity is the unspoken, often un-aware pain of separation from the divine source.

all other symptoms, in my opinion, spring from this initial pain. the real 'original sin' -- not a sin at all, just a karma -- is the forgetting, like a baby once the umbilical cord is cut, about the super-connectedness to the cosmic, divine, universe that is each of us, inside.

so how to heal that? the Greek word holos, is the origin of the English 'healed'. it means 'making whole.'

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (the TM founder/guru) did a beautiful translation of some of the verses of the Bhagavad Gita, one of the epic scriptures of Hindu India. this line stands out:

"yoga is the disunion of the union with sorrow."
the union with sorrow, one could say, is the human condition, generally.

it is the self that believes itself to be bound to this body, this personality, this life. it is the self in total pain about mortality -- "one day I will die, I will be no more." and the self that has forgotten its inner, immortal consciousness, an inner spark (soul) that has already lived countless lifetimes in many forms, and will continue to incarnate until that yoga, that union with the god consciousness, is restored while in a human form.

which brings me to one major source of restoring that wholeness, that healing of the soul -- a chakra not mentioned in conventional books or discussions on the subject, because it's been hidden in the ancient knowledge from millenniae ago -- the Holy Womb Chakra.

the Holy Womb Chakra
the knowledge about this chakra in the human energy system comes from a 7000-year-old manuscript written by the rishis of ancient India.

basically, every human being (regardless of gender) has a Womb Chakra - it is beyond all chakras, and located roughly where the human female's womb area is. it is the direct link, the direct channel, to Mother Divine's creation capacity (which is why every woman can create life, literally creating a soul inside the womb). men link to the Womb Chakra of Mother Divine, energetically, through their own physical mother's womb chakra. (they are one step removed from the direct creation energy of Mother Divine.)

the Womb Chakra is where the karmas of a person's soul are stored -- lifetime to lifetime to lifetime. they come 'due,' as it were, through the Womb Chakra operating with Kala, Time.

the human soul goes up and down through all the chakras, but most of the time, resides in the Womb Chakra. if a Womb Chakra is shaky or damaged, the soul is confused and doesn't know its proper self/home/creativity energy. 

how does a Womb Chakra get shaky or damaged?

#1 cause -- by giving or receiving heartbreak (on any level.)

#2 -- by having an excessive amount of sexual partners in one lifetime -- each sexual partner makes a soul-to-soul bond, Womb Chakra to Womb Chakra. every person is bonded at the soul level with any partner they ever had, and that means whatever the other person is feeling, so are you. over time, and different partners, this makes the Womb Chakra super-shaky, and the soul is totally confused, not knowing where it really belongs.

when illness or catastrophic accident (like a deadly snake-bite) happens, if one has the capacity to heal the womb chakra in another person, the situation will balance out, and fast. illness is a sign that the womb chakra isn't balanced. so are continual heartbreaks or sequences of negative events.

practical example: a child comes up with a terminal disease. they never did any bad karmas in this lifetime. they're innocent.  but yet, they are super-ill.  how can we begin to understand this, from an energy point of view?  

a catastrophic illness means, the person's womb chakra is disturbed from other lifetimes, and those karmas are coming due now. (who knows who among us were Roman hordes, pillaging and raping our way across Europe and Africa? or Ghengis Khan's minions... or.......?)  and it can be healed through strengthening, and purifying, the Womb Chakra. 

the Holy Womb Chakra from the ancient knowledge of India
there is a whole system of powerful holy prayers, a spiritual process, that restores the integrity of the Womb Chakra over time. we were given this technology in 2006, from my teacher Kaleshwar, and I have been practicing, first, then teaching it, ever since. and the results are incredible.

people's relationships with family, friends, and mates -- they smooth out when the Womb Chakra techniques are practiced, over time. even really awful, disconnected, turbulent ones. 

the relationship with one's own inner self and divine spark -- strengthened unbelievably, astronomically. 

people finding their proper soul mate -- happens as a result of the Womb Chakra being purified. 

illnesses washing out, emotional disturbances washing out -- and, most important of all, the underlying heartbreak washing out.

curious to know more? 
you can find a link to the Womb Chakra information here -- and at, under 'teachings'.  

I teach the full Womb Chakra knowledge as a workshop and/or webinar, and have pre-recorded teachings available for purchase, as well. 

Womb Chakra Healings - 9 sessions of 9 minutes each....
later, Sri Kaleshwar empowered a number of students to accelerate the healing and rebalancing of the Holy Womb Chakra in others, by giving nine healing sessions with a 9-minute transmission of energy, to 'reset' the integrity of the Womb Chakra.    

this series of healing is a kind of short-cut into the strengthening and purification of the Womb Chakra. 

these Womb Chakra healing sessions are a profound journey into the foundation of healing, as the layers and layers of old traumas, karmas, and vague pain (from who knows when?) are released, systematically, over the nine healing sessions.  

if you are interested in receiving the nine Womb Chakra healing sessions, you can contact me through  the UCBK website about personal healings, and we can begin this powerful work together.

of course, whatever I've written here is only the tip of a Very Big Iceberg on this immense subject -- but it's a good start.   = )


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