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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gaza, Israel, and peace above all...

my mood today is this:

I did a little bit of graphic work for this organization, Neve Shalom Wahat Al-Salam, in my early 20s, in Los Angeles.

meeting one of the amazing Israeli women who organized this experimental community in Israel where Jewish and Arab families raise their children together, speaking both Hebrew and Arabic, learning the history and cultures of both peoples, and standing for peace and understanding above all else -- well, it had a huge impact on me, in my formative youth. that woman's extreme courage, and dedication, and bravery in the face of a social order where chaos, fear, violence, paranoia and prejudice are more the norm was astonishing to me.

anyway, this excerpt from another woman, an American Jewish lady living at Neve Shalom and standing for peace and understanding, moved my heart today beyond words.


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