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Thursday, December 20, 2007

holidaze & spiritual technology

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one of my Christmas items to be hugely grateful about this year is the website that keeps providing these hilarious kitty pictures to the world, every day. *snickering*

well, it's holiday time here in the Santa Cruz mountains. I really do love it -- all the homes along the otherwise depressingly darkened roads around here are lit up with lights and Christmas trees. it's mystical to come around a dark, rainy curve in the road and then see the happy, sparkling Christmas lights outlining a whole home, or its front porch, or front door, or whatever.

as we drive by, I keep hearing the phrase "there is a light in the darkness" in my mind, and it's incredibly uplifting -- keeps connecting me back to the Big Boss Jesus and why he came into this crazy planet.

we were talking with someone a few days ago about all of this ancient spiritual information that's coming, once again, to the planet after a 2000-year (or more) hiatus, through Sri Kaleshwar and what he's bringing. and what we're teaching.

I mentioned one system that's 7000-years-old, The Holy Womb Chakra, and that it's an ancient spiritual technology.

to me, it's no news that yoga is a science, and that the terms we use to describe spiritual information do sound mechanistic or technological -- we talk about the 'mechanisms' of creation, the 'soul science', and spiritual technology.

but I forget, sometimes, how unusual that sounds to folks who don't have a background in the Vedic knowledge, or in the spiritual lexicon, particularly, that I'm accustomed to.

so it was really cute when my listener giggled, and laughed at the idea of 'spiritual technology' -- in an appreciative way, as if the intelligence was dawning on her that there ARE spiritual mechanisms that can be learned, studied, parsed, and applied. just like, uh, material technology.

it was a great moment of seeing a perception shift in an interesting, and comical, and lively way. I really enjoyed it -- it's moments like that that sustain my inspiration and remind me how sacred and uplifting, how extraordinary and supernatural these tools and teachings really are. I'm delighted that it is my path in this life to represent them, and to share them.

last piece of spiritual advice for today -- DON'T eat the f^%-ing tinsel, or you'll wind up looking like this Christmas kitteh!


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